eBay Feedbacl Question

  1. good morning ladies and gents

    before i found this fabulous forum I had purchased an allegedly authentic purse from eBay. Before paying for it i found you all and you nicely informed me it was fake. I contacted the seller and told her that the bag was fake and that I would not be paying for the item. SHe apologized and said she didnt know (uh huh sure). Then she left me negative feedback. eBay refused to remove it for whatever reason. But now after she has recieved a plethora of negative feedback she is no longer a registered user. is there anything else i can do to remove this feedback? other than what i already have?
  2. Hi the only way this could have been prevented is if you filed a complaint about her before she left you feedback...otherwise no, theres nothing you can do. You could try and get in touch with ebay and tell them your situation but they never really seem to be bothered. :sad:
  3. How awful! What does the negative feedback say?

    I'd request the removal from eBay again, explaining in detail what happened. Worst case scenario, they say no, and you haven't lost anything.
  4. Feedback says NEVER PAID FOR ITEM AS PROMISED (i would like to know when i promised to pay for a fake item as well). to which i replied I would have paid for item had it been authentic as stated. I guess i can ask them to remove it again. you are right the worse they could say is no. it is my only negative feedback.
  5. You can add a reply to your feedback and state that they bag was a fake. That coupled with the fact that you can see on the feedback page that the seller is no longer a registered user should explain the negative and I think anyone looking at it would understand.
  6. As long as you replied to hers saying that the bag was fake, other sellers won't be bothered by it! Esp. if she has several feedbacks stating that she sold fake bags in the past AND the fact that she in no longer registered user.
  7. Yes, exactly what everyone else has said. :yes:

    I will be moving this thread to the eBay discussions forum. :smile:
  8. Ebay won't remove feedback unless both parties agree to it. Your response to the feedback is enough.....and most sellers don't bother checking feedback unless you're under 10 feedbacks.
  9. I was going to post what the last several gals posted. . . make sure you add a response to the feedback. People will see she's NARUd and it won't hurt you at all ;)