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  1. This is something that has been bugging me for a while. As a buyer, when I win something on ebay I pay immediately. Usually as soon as the auction ends. If I'm working or something it's later that same day. When I make the payment, I'm keeping up my end of the agreement in the ebay auctioning contract.

    I've been running across sellers that refuse to leave positive feedback unless I (the buyer) do so first. What's up with that??? Today a buyer emailed me (after I paid for my item the second the auction ended) that her habit is to wait until the buyer leaves positive feedback first. I emailed her back and asked if the function of feedback is to A) comment on how smoothly I completed my end of the transaction or B) comment on what I said about the seller.

    She said she would keep that in mind. Huh???

    Has anyone else run across this? How do you handle these situations?
  2. No I've never had that problem, but what's the big deal? If the auction went well and you have your item and you're happy, why not just leave the feedback?
  3. I dont leave feedback until the buyer has their item and is satisfied. Usually I know this by them leaving feedback lol.
  4. I would ask the buyer if they received it. If they received it and are happy then leave feedback.
  5. Most sellers do that now, it is okay per ebay policy, remember feedback is optional. The reason is that there are some buyers out there that will leave the sellers "feedback hostage" and want partial refunds along with other scams. Most sellers do not view the transaction as being over until the item is safely received and the buyer is happy! I have no problem with that. :smile:
  6. I haven't gotten it yet. It just happened today. I thought it was odd for her to send me an email like that. It's just the principle of the matter.
    Her feedback shouldn't be based on what I say (which if she follows through, shouldn't be a problem) but how quickly I paid. I leave positive feedback if the item I receive is as advertised and received in a timely manner.
  7. It did feel a little hostage-like. Just in reverse.
  8. ^^^ I agree the emails from sellers saying that are annoying. That said, her feedback will be based on your fast payment, *unless* something were to happen and you said you did not receive it when tracking shows you did, or you changed your mind on arrival and sent it back, but really sent back a fake or something like that. I am NOT saying you would do that, I am just giving examples of the things that have happened to sellers that make the skiddish. One bad apple can ruin it for the bunch kind of stuff.
  9. I totally agree with you dauphine. I feel like I'm being held hostage. I bought a pair of shoes and paid within minutes, but no feedback until I left positive feedback for the seller. The shoes actually took almost 2 weeks to ship, though I did finally get them. I was afraid to mention the slow shipping in fear of retaliation!
  10. I always thought the buyer left feedback first.
  11. Don't be scared to leave negative feedback.

    Hopefully everyone remembers that even if you pay quickly, feedback won't be left until they know you have received the item. So definitely don't forget to always stay in contact with the seller.
  12. ^^ Me too.

    If the buyer leaves you negative feedback, your responding feedback is the only place that you can explain or say anything in your defense.
  13. I used to leave feedback immediately upon payment by the buyer. BIG mistake. I had a couple jerks leave me negative feedback without asking for refunds, without emailing me at all. Both turned out to have a history of selling fakes, and I felt like I had been set up just so they could leave negatives.

    So now I never leave feedback until the buyer does first. That way I know the buyer is completey satisfied with the transaction. As a buyer, I always leave feedback for the seller so they know I was satisfied. I would not expect a seller to leave feedback before I do. ;)

    edited to say: I've had a couple of situations recently where sellers had problems either getting me the item (it got lost in the mail) or sending me the wrong item and not managing to send me the right one after I returned the wrong one. I had to file paypal complaints on both sellers to get my money back or send me a replacement item because neither would handle the situation until I got paypal involved. Although I wasn't pleased with their handling of the situations, I believe both situations were accidental. I didn't want to leave negative or positive, so I left nothing at all. ;)
  14. I HATE Feedback HOstage eBayers!!!

    It's the principal to me. . . as a Seller, if someone holds up their end, I leave them appropriate feedback, as a Buyer {who BTW pays immediately} I appreciate the same.

    I WILL NOT leave feedback first if I get some pitiful ransom notice, ARGH!

    I guess when I get bitten in the ass, I'll stop leaving it first for my buyers. . . but someone has to have good faith and I'm willing to give it when I sell, so it's 50/50 for me.
  15. You can ALWAYS respond to feedback left for you ;)