EBAY feedback question

  1. I need some advice. I am a long time lurker coming out of the woods for help :wtf: I purchased an item on eBay and never received it. The seller stated it was sent but according to USPS it was never received. Anyways it went to a payal dispute and was found in my favor. I received all my money back into my account. YEAH ME! So now this leads me to my question. I haven't given feedback because I want to say the right thing. If I give her/him negative feedback will she be able to give me the same out of spite? I don't want to ignore it but I also don't want it to end up hurting me. What would you do...and what would you say? Thanks everyone!
  2. I am not sure what I would do in that situation, but I am sure the ladies that post regularly over there http://forum.purseblog.com/ebay-forum/ would know.


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  3. Yes, I was about to send her there also. Be warned-if you leave bad feedback she will too. So make it count. And don't forget you can respond to her feedback to give your side. GL!
  4. Well, it may not be her fault -- she may have sent it and USPS could have lost it. In that case, it's not fair to neg her if it was lost in shipping. Even though she should have sent it with tracking.

    Another option is to leave a pos, say item never received but you did receive a refund.
  5. Maybe a neutral, since you got your money back, but then again you had to file a dispute to get it back, the seller should have just refunded you since it never showed as delivered.
  6. Why leave a neg? when you track it and you can see that it WAS sent it's not the sellers fault that the usps lost it. Things happen and they do lose things sometimes ...if you did get your item it would have been a positive transaction and you would have given a postive. The whole auction was good right? Did you contact the seller and tell them you haven't gotten it if so how did they respond? Did they sound concered or did they blow you off?
  7. i wouldn't bother with leavinf FB, she may retaliate on a neg.. and why leave a positive if you had to take it to paypal? i would just leave it..
  8. If you really want to leave feedback go with your gut reaction.

    If you had to send several emails asking where the item was and they ignored you so you had to claim through Paypal then leave Negative saying that the item was not received.

    If you emailed them and they came straight back to you with a satisfactory reply and suggested that you file with Paypal then leave a Neutral saying that the item was not received but you received a full refund.

    I don't think you can leave positive as you never received the item.

    Be aware that you may get a negative one in retaliation or none at all.
  9. I definitely would not leave positive feedback because you had to file a PP claim to get your money back. Doesn't sound like the seller was being too cooperative. Yes, USPS may have lost the package, but it is still the seller's responsibility to make sure you receive your item. There are ways the seller can take responsibility and still not totally lose out if something is lost. Like sending the item insured. That way if it is lost, they can file a claim to get their money back and refund you without having to get involved in a PP claim. It takes quite awhile to get the insurance money from USPS, but at least the seller could have refunded you and known that they were going to get their money back in the future. I include the cost shipping insurance in the s&h on all of my items, so it is not an option. I would either leave neutral feedback or no feedback at all. If the seller is a jerk and you leave neutral, sometimes they will neg you. Maybe leave neutral that says something like "Never received item, had to file PayPal dispute to obtain refund." Good luck! :smile:
  10. I really appreciate everyone's response. I have decided to not give any feedback and just be happy that I got my money back. I guess I didn't explain it clearly. I was given a tracking number. When I went to the USPS tracking site it said the USPS was notified about a package to be picked up for shipment. It never stated it actually received the item for mailing. Anyways I just wanted to clarify that especially since my husband has worked at the PO for the last 15 years. I didnt want to give negative feedback on the post office! Thanks again for the advice, Barb