Ebay Feedback asking for "Ebay Credentials" all of a sudden?

Dec 10, 2018
Is anybody else coming across this and if so, what are you doing about it?
I tried to give Ebay FEEDBACk twice - once on the listings page and once on the make an offer page - I used to just be able to do the feedback survey OR an email pop-up would come up.
NOW I am getting a box asking me to login with my Ebay credentials. I am already logged into my account when that happens, but I try entering the same login information to the "credentials" box and it says invalid credential information. I tried using my Ebay ID instead of the login email but that doesn't work either.
This just started a couple days ago. Wondering if they're tired of me giving them bad feedback or this is yet just another software glitch that others have found a workaround for.
And they STILL think sellers are going to give them their social security numbers and business account information ? LOL