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  1. I was just on eBay to look at Chanels. I gave up ten pages into my search because each page was loaded with fakes. From China, Germany, Ireland, the U.K....I mean....c'mon folks...you're not going to get a real Chanel even on eBay for $36.00! Most of them don't even say authentic. I know that even some of the ones that claim to be authentic aren't (because that's how people try to sneak them by the eBay rules) , but why is eBay suddenlly allowing page after page after page of blatant fakes? I thought that only went on at iOffer! :sick:
  2. Dude, and one of my auctions got pulled before I listed a tweed skirt as "Chanel-inspired?" RIDICULOUS.
  3. Oh that's just crazy! There's no rhyme or reason to what they pull and what they let stay.
  4. They need a woman running Ebay....that would smarten up the handbag department :P
  5. Do you think I am safe with an Ebay dealer who has very high ratings and advertises ONLY authentic Chanel, refunds allowed, etc.???
  6. LOL! :biggrin:

    Meg Whitman was CEO up until 2008, now it's some guy. No wonder it's downhill lately . . .

  7. I agree, Ebay needs to be revamped. The service needs some upgrading.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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