Ebay fakes that have sold...

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  1. the second one is ranskimmie and that didn't happen. it was a mistake.
  2. I guess I don't have the eye yet, I would have thought the second one was real...
  3. i meant that ranskimmie was the buyer not the seller and that was because her daughter did the BIN by mistake. second one is from the batch of fake bluefly bags.
  4. WHAT????? How on earth did the first one sell??? I am so amazed!!!
  5. BalenciagaLove I-KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Chigirl, ah yes, I remember that now!
  6. i hope the first one doesn't eat the new owner!
  7. bahahaha
  8. :shocked: That's so sad though, $875 for a fake, and it is Ugly!:amazed:
  9. OMG!! This bronze bag is horrible!! :sick: :sick:
  10. What in God's name is that?!?!

  11. That's one freak bag.
  12. Oh Dear Sweet God! That bag is rediculous!
  13. they are everywhere! ugh
  14. That is, without a doubt, the worst thing I have seen. Why would anyone want to carry that????????????????
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