Ebay Fakes Being Sold at Top Dollar!

  1. I'm not a collector of Chloe bags, but I do plan to get a paddington in the near future...

    However, I still know how to spot a fake or a dodgy seller.

    I've seen 3 bags on eBay, all from the same seller using different seller ID's to sell fake bags with fake receipts!

    Its so sad that some people are paying up to $600 for a fake, and they will never know the truth... unless they have seen a real one before!

    Its horrible! I dont have a problem with people knowingly buying fakes, but this is just wrong.

    eBay wont do anything about it, so I'm left feeling really bad for those people who will be winning these auctions soon!
  2. I know! I hate to see bids on those auctions, especially when the prices are so high! I think eBay should have a link to tPF on every bag listing to direct less knowledgable buyers to some advice:p. It really breaks my heart:heart: seeing well intentioned people getting scammed like this. GRRRR:cursing:. I wish there was some way to warn people.
  3. On the odd occasion, I will warn a bidder.

    I mean, if you are bidding 150-200 on a Chloe or any other designer bag for that matter that is 'new' then you must know its not legit...

    But when a fake receipt is provided, and the bidding goes well over 500 then thats a real disappointment...

    Ebay need to employ the help of specialists to scower auctions for dodgy items and sellers!
  4. ^ How do you go about warning someone? It could be handy to know.

    I mean even if someone is looking for a fake(:confused1:) they are still getting ripped off.

    I'm sure a lot of buyers would really benefit from the 'authenticate this' and 'ebay finds' threads on this forum. It's so frustrating letting these scammers get away with this.
  5. Yves you have to be very careful as its an ebay no no. I know its hard to see people getting ripped off but if you contact a seller about a bid then you are running the risk of being kicked off ebay yourself. What has happened now on ebay is that you cant see the buyers ebay bid until its completed - ie it will only say bidder 1/2 etc which means you cant contact these people to tell them.

    I am totally with you that it is horrendous to watch these innocent people being ripped off.
  6. Only if it totally calls for it I will contact the bidder if it isnt a private auction.

    Generally, if I can prove the pics were stolen, I contact ebay

    Seriously, I do have better things to do - but when I see something like this, I cant just "switch off"

    I guess any sensible person would read-up before they buy, but seriously, its even happened to people who know their stuff :sad:
  7. Ebay has a new rule against warning the bidder. Sometimes, the bidder is unappreciative (this was mentioned in the lv thread I think)...they might accuse you of jealousy and report you to ebay.

    Instead of contacting the bidder, just report the auction to ebay.
  8. Yep I can see some people getting offended, as essentially what someone chooses to spend their money on is their business and their business alone. I think I'd be pretty annoyed if someone started sticking their nose in, though if they did save me from buying an overpriced fake I would be grateful. Its such dfficult situation. I'm in NZ so I have yet to actually do anything on ebay except browse so I don't plan on trying to warn people. I just wish there was no need to warn people, that the fraudsters didn't exist. Now I really am dreaming! :crybaby:
  9. few weeks ago I contacted one buyer who paid a lot for a fake paddy with faked receipt... It was more than 990 usd, I dont remeber the exact amount but anyhow it was totally ridiculous price for a fake.:cursing:

    I sent her a message via ebay and told her I'm 100% sure it's a fake and sent her a link to authenticate this chloe -thread and told her she can ask for more opinions there. I noticed she had posted link to that auction there and others here confirmed her it truly is a fake. I hope she gets her money back...:sad:
    Before contacting buyer I reported the bag to ebay twice but nothing, they dont seem to care:wtf:
  10. Good work! Lets hope she managed to get out of that deal $990 is SO much money. I would cry, cry cry if I got ripped off like that. All these receipts etc make the fakes look so convincing to some people. Oh this makes me way to angry :cursing:
  11. Agreed... I hate seeing ugly fakes sell for so much money! But I did try to warn a bidder once, and she was extremely nasty. She ended up paying $650 for a really bad fake, but I did try....
  12. Dont know if anyone else is with me on this, but if you were going to bid $990 on a bag, you would at least do your research first!

    You would go onto a forum like this, or mypoupette etc and check that it was authentic before bidding so much money! I feel sorry for them, but I also think its stupid of them to not do their research! If they're looking to bid so much, why not just buy brand new from a boutique?
  13. You do have a very valid point!!:yes:

    However, it's easy to get carried away with the excitement...the thought of getting a bargain...placing the bid...waiting to win...winning...paying...waiting for the post...:nuts:

    Plus alot of people have no idea that there are actually fakes out there. Let alone fakes that cost the same as the real deal. The way the sellers paint their auctions up, it would take someone with serious know-how to be able to determine which is real and which isn't.

    I was burned by a fake, once, and luckily only for £90...then i came here, did my research and haven't stopped since.:smile:

    I think we're all learning all the time.:yes: ;)
  14. yeah been there myself and bought a fake and even carried it for a while thinking it was real - it was when I found this site I realised. Its a real shame that not everyone knows about us as now I am in the know it will never happen again!
  15. Very true, but sadly sometimes people arent aware that a forum like this exists!

    I was only aware of this forum AFTER I got my first Balenciaga bag, but I opted to buy from an authoriased retailer.