Ebay: Fake Vs. Real

  1. Hey everyone. I'm extremely new to this, so bare with me.

    I'm looking to buy a Chanel purse online, possibly on Ebay and I was wondering how you can tell whether or not it's real. I mean, some people sell their purses for 60.00 and they guarantee it's authenticity or you get your money back. (i.e eBay.ca: Auth And Beautiful Chanel Bag/Handbag (item 110042951639 end time 12-Oct-06 13:38:20 EDT))

    If anyone can please drop me a few tips, that'd be great. :smile:
  2. well, there's no really no pics to help you with.

    We need to see interior photos, hologram, authenticity card, etc. . . to pint out the obvious reason it's fake.

    I can tell you, NO ONE is selling a Chanel for $59 unless it's counterfeit.
  3. agreed^^

    or theyre just crazy!
  4. Ohh, okay. I see. Thanks ladies.
  5. Yeah, it's very difficult in authenticating purses online, which is why I've been having an arduous time searching.