EBay FAKE LV w/bid @ $700, can the buyer be alerted? I feel so bad for this person.

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  1. Authentic Louis Vuitton Trevi PM Bag - eBay (item 220454370957 end time Jul-24-09 01:24:37 PDT)

    I filed a report but with only 1 hour left who knows if ebay can stop the sale. The 1st pic is obviously from the copied and pasted from the internet. I was searching for a Trevi and this was the only listed but it's obviously a fake. I feel bad for the highest bidder. Look at the shipping cost! Who in their right mind as a seller would ship it for only $5 at First Class Mail if they know what they are selling is real!
  2. That is such a bad fake
  3. I reported it as well earlier this morning :smile:
  4. I feel so bad for these ppl. I reported a fake 600 lv duffle, but im glad it was taken off
  5. oy i always to report whenever I see something like this.....
  6. and its been taken off!!!!!!!!!!
  7. There is a chick from Florida that keeps posting the most awful LV Leopard Stephen fake. I let her know in a nice way and gave her the ebay # of the Real one in case she didnt know hers was fake. She was so nasty and replied back that she bought hers from a store and that the real one was a fake from a flea market :lol: These con artists are so ballsy. Her "receipt" was a fake too, the kind you buy off the internet :rolleyes"

    So ebay removed her first auction and she tried listing it again and they took it down again. I have it in for any of these buttholes that try to rip off people. I hope karma stings her in the butt and her car gets 4 flat tires LOL!!
  8. I hate the people who keep posting & REPOSTING fake bags. The other day i flagged a fake duffle at 600 current bid and it was taken down and it was relisted yesterday and was at 96 bucks yest current bid. Someone needs to cancel his account. Thanks for everyone who reports and does the right thing.

    Btw: Auction title for the fake duffle was "Louis Vuitton KEEPALL 60 Luggage Handbag - Genuine Real - eBay (item 330346015734 end time Jul-24-09 17:47:58 PDT)"

    Be sure to keep your eyes out agen as the seller will probably repost for the THIRD time ugh

  9. I totally love the fake receipts! ;)
  10. Does it look very much different? Do you know if there is a thread of someone who posted one? Just wanted to know what they look like so i can be aware to not get a fake one!:nuts:
  11. The seller is insane...
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