ebay fake e-mails?

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  1. Hey all! I have a question... today when i was checking my mail i got a message from e-bay. When i clicked it it was a question from a seller asking if i paid yet? The thing is i did not bid on this! since i was confused I went to click the numbers on top where it says item number to see what i supposedly won. The link brought me to the eBay log-in site but i got a popup from mozilla saying that this was a fake webpage used to trick people into tying information. What should i do? should i notify eBay saying that i got a e-mail like this? and how would i do that exacley? or should i just ignore it?
    TIA!! :heart: Patty
  2. Any emails you get from eBay should also be sent to the 'my messages' page on Ebay itself. I only ever click on the links on here, and NEVER on links on emails. I also get a lot of spoof Paypal emails - which say things like 'we will limit your account unless you fill in these details'. I always forward these to either 'spoof@ebay.com' (for ebay fake emails) or spoof@paypal.com (for paypal spoof emails). Knowing about these emails means that they can work towards shutting down the websites involved.

    If you have entered any of your details, change your passwords & question straight away, as this is how people take over your account & then do false listings. Sounds like you haven't :smile: - so you should be okay!
  3. ^^^exactly right. We got a fake from paypal--wanted us to re-enter all our info. Ummm, NO! Sent it to spoof@paypal.com and they agreed it was phishing for our financial info.
  4. Yes never ever type in your personal information to emails like this they then have your password & can hijack your account maybe also get into your paypal account if you use the same password, Just forward to spoof@ebay.com
  5. thanks so much! I knew something was wrong bc it was a totally random thing they said i won (some sort of power drill from the UK). I never realized that they made the e-mails and the web pages so similar to the real thing tho. Thanks so much from the web address and e-mail fwd!!
    :heart:3 Patty
  6. I try never to click a link from an "ebay" or "paypal" link. Ebay usually is already aware of these e-mails, but they are helpful and will respond to your queries.
  7. There are these and then there are ones about having paid and not received the item (usually electronics of some sort)--and then there are also fake Paypal complaints--I have gotten everything--always check My Ebay for your real mail from, or via, ebay.
  8. how DO you report them?
  9. Just forward the email to spoof@ebay.com
  10. ugh.... Today I got one of those phishing e-mails. I was so dumb and I clicked on a link. I stopped before I entered my password, but I did click on the link. duh!!

    I immediately changed my ebay password and deleted the e-mail. I hope that my account is okay.

    Does anyone have any input on my clicking on the link, but not inputting the information. Do you think that they are able to gather info just from my clicking it?
  11. I think once you enter your information that they have it so the only thing to do is immediately change your passwords on ALL accounts that use the same one!
  12. be sure to change all passowrds that are even similar because they will mess around to find any other accounts that you may have - Paypal etc.
  13. After 7 years on ebay, a bronze powerseller, MP, I'm locked out as somebody has accessed my account...bad day for me today....:cursing:
  14. Damierlover - what a nightmare. I thought the phishers mainly targeted dormant accounts. At least you picked it up quickly - I presume you've told Ebay and they are working on sorting it out.