eBay Fake Claim Deadline Question.

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  1. OK, so, imagine you receive a fake bag, file a dispute with PayPal and are forced to escalate it to a claim.

    Then imagine that PP ask for independent evidence that the bag is fake (e.g. a Statement of Non-Authenticity) and set a deadline for that evidence to be submitted (let's say 12.00pm Monday), but then also tell you that it may take them 24 hours to receive and review the evidence.

    That still means that the deadline is unchanged, doesn't it (i.e. still 12.00pm Monday)?

    It's not some sort of sneaky way of saying that you actually have to get the evidence in by 12.00pm Sunday, is it? To allow them 24 hours to receive and revue it? :shrugs:
  2. Sorry, title should really read; 'PayPal Fake Claim Deadline Question.', shouldn't it?! :Push:
  3. That is all the deadline they will give you? I don't have an asnwer I am sorry, but amazed. I am so sorry you got a nasty fake. I am thinking of buying a preloved bag in about a week and I am very nervous. Is it something Carol can help you with?
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    ^ No, this isn't something that's happening to me, thank goodness! :nogood:

    This was supposed to be more of a general question. :yes:

    It's just that I know they give a deadline and then say that it takes them 24 hours to receive and review the evidence - so I just wondered whether it was, even vaguely, possible that the deadline given wasn't really the deadline?

    I can't imagine that that could be the case, as it would be very misleading and I've never heard anyone say that that is the case, but you never know, do you?

    Thanks, fm! :flowers:

  5. Thank goodness it isn't you. The dealine is rediculous though.
  6. CHB... I think that if PP gives you a deadline of 12 Monday, then you have to have submitted it/faxed it by 12 Monday. However, on their time zone...??

    I don't think their 24 hr receive/review time frame is pertinent to the submission deadline.
  7. I *think* what paypal wants you to do is be able to provide all documentation to support your case PRIOR to escalating. I think they want you to escalate as a last resort.
  8. ITA w/ ellie mae, err on the side of caution with the deadline time.

  9. Thanks, fm. :hugs:

  10. Yes, that's what I would have thought, too - I think, if they did try to do that, they'd have to deal with more than a few angry phonecalls, don't you?! :lol:

    Just wanted to double check, though, just in case it was the case and caught some poor soul out.

    Thanks, Ellie! :flowers:

  11. Yes, I think that's generally true. :yes: :smile:

  12. :yes:

    Especially on paypal.com with the different time zones.

    I think paypal.co.uk's safer in that way, at least, as we only have the one time zone, of course! :biggrin: