Ebay Experts -- Your Advice Please

  1. I recently bought a bag on eBay and found that there were repairs made to the bag that was not advertised on the auction. I ended up buying 2 of these repaired bags from this seller, not realizing this fact. I contacted the seller as soon as I noticed this and requested a refund. She offered a discount but I refused and asked for a full refund. The seller agreed. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since my initial email and I have only received one refund to date. The seller is telling me that she is waiting for the bank to clear this refund. I have asked for my refunds to be issued via Paypal (I paid via Paypal for both bags).

    Does it normally take this long for refunds to be issued via Paypal, whether you set up your Paypal account with your bank or credit card? I'm starting to wonder now if she doesn't have the funds and is just trying to drag this issue for as long as she can. Her recent communication stated that she would send me a money order but I am cautious against her sending me a money order. I've heard stories about fake money orders, sellers never sending a money order but lying that they did, etc ... I again asked her to refund me via Paypal.

    eBay experts -- please, what would you advise? Should I give her more time? What should be my next step?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. no, she should simply press the "refund" button in her account that is assigned to your payment{s}, the $ is just moved back over.
  3. Sometimes there can be delay because some people don't keep a paypal balance, like myself I always transfer the money out to my bank account which then would require it to be transferred back into the paypal account to issue the refund. This usually takes 3-5 days.

    The seller should communicate to you what the delay is though.
  4. If the seller doesn't have a balance in her paypal account, she can still hit the refund button on the transaction, and paypal will send both of you an e-mail saying the refund is being processed. Then it will take up to a week for paypal to withdraw the money from her bank account and transfer it to your account. But you will still get an e-mail from paypal telling you the refund has been initiated. If you haven't gotten this, I would file a claim with paypal immediately. She may be trying to stall you until the window has passed for you to file a claim, so do it now!!
  5. I never thought of that bellafleur. Thanks everyone!
  6. File a claim right away. Hopefully she is just waiting for the funds to be available and you will have your money soon.
  7. Watch your time. You only have 45 days to file for a refund with Pay Pal. If you feel this seller is stringing you along you don't want to exceed this time period because then there is nothing you can do. No purse. No money.
  8. send her an email stating that you will give her a certain amount of time or you will file a claim with paypal claiming item as not described. and follow through.