ebay experts! what is that now??? (long...)

  1. fellow ebayers....

    here another strange, possibly ridiculous eBay story...

    I opened a thread a while ago about a claim I opened for an item not received. I had waited about 2 weeks to get a bag I bought from eBay UK, and that should be enough time to send to Germany (no customs etc). anyhow, the seller could have just told me the tracking number... I asked other buyers and they received their items within 10 days. to top it off the seller has received a neg in the meantime for non-receipt and no refund.

    so i open a dispute, no response, i escalate - still no response.... i email the seller privately and she comes back to me saying she is on hols and it would be another 2 weeks (it had already been 2 weeks) and to be patient. the supportive community here has told me not to close the claim, which i didnt. finally last friday it was found in my favour bec the seller never responded....:nuts:

    so this is the second time but anyway. but now get this. yesterday DHL arrives with a huge parcel... :yes: yes the bag. I thought wow 5 weeks detour, what happened but I am thinking oh well that can happen. i open the box and the bag is in there but with two major spots i did not expect as not stated. still, I say oh well. BUT then I find that she send the bag only LAST THURSDAY 19 april (....) but didn't supply tracking to paypal... :confused1:. so they found in my favour. no way for the bag to reach me in 1 day so that I could cancel the claim. what is my issue you will ask?

    i dont want to cheat her out of anything, and would have gladly returned the funds but she was big time trying to cheat. if I had closed the claim, NO bag and money lost, like the other poor buyer..... WTF??? i know she sold the bag for less than she had hoped but to cheat over it?? (it was a reserve bid and she made a 2nd chance offer - she didn't have to do that). on the w/end I emailed her twice saying that when she returned she could let me know about the bag and we might work something out if she found it etc....

    but please tell me: what is that now? why send the bag? she is quite a newbie and so maybe she doesn't want a second neg but still???? I am just so pissed bec she tried to cheat me out of my money. also I have decided the following: I will wait for her now to get in touch. I have emailed that lady so many times and I believe now she never was on hols. I have no intention to not give her money but since there are those spots that were not mentioned we would have to work something out or return.

    but, I am just wondering about the paypal claim right now - since it is closed can she re-open with tracking and receipt confirmation although royal mail shows it was delivered 3 days after the claim was closed??? I don't want her to cheat me out of my money again bec I don't think the whole amount is deserved but i don't think I can file SNAD now???? could she do a chargeback since she is the seller?

    there is no return address on the parcel, surprise surprise. sorry for long post....
  2. For me, it depends on the stains. If it's pretty bad, I woud request a partial refund. If it's small, I would mention it, but keep the bag. I would also wait for her to post a feedback first and then post an appropriate FB. Lastly, I would never deal with her again.
  3. A Paypal claim, once closed, cannot be reopened. She had her chance to come clean and she missed it. If you want to keep the bag, work out deal on the damage, if not you don't owe her anything but the bag as it is.
  4. Very strange indeed. My understanding is that claims can't be reopened and in fact, I think Paypal says this when one closes a dispute, so I guess she can't reopen the claim. Personally, I would want to return the bag to her for my own peace of mind (am assuming you don't want it?). I wouldn't like the idea that I had something from someone who has already proved less than honest and inconsistent. I would also find having it in the house would make me remember this tiresome experience, but that is just me. I am sure others have more rational responses to offer!
  5. I would wait to see if she gets in touch with you and what she wants to do since the bag is in less than perfect condition. Interesting there is no return address so you could not return it anyhow. I would not be as nice and understanding as you have been. Likely she will try to scam another innocent buyer.
  6. I think if you keep the bag and the money, then you are cheating the seller. You should either re-pay for the bag, if you still want it in its current condition, or return the bag. I don't see any ethical justification for keeping both the money and the bag. You can use the contact information available on eBay to get in touch with her and there should also be a contact address on the original notice you got from ebay that you won the item, if you kept that email.
  7. Hi well if I understand correctly you got refunded by paypal? so you didn't pay but still have the bag?

    I think she still can open a dispute, because you were first to open it and you can close it, she can now open a dispute saying she never received money.

    I would try if you still want the bag to sort out the price.
  8. I cant believe what I am reading
    You have had a full refund from Paypal and you have a bag
    the seller has lost money , and her bag:confused1:

    She can open a complaint with paypal , she can also report it to the police
    so I would try to come to a resoloution with her I really would
    Maybe she will say for you to return the bag and then , it would be finished

    I for one would not think she is going to leave it as it is right now would you??

    just my penny worth
  9. yep, believe me I didn't believe it either.... I have nowhere stated that i want to cheat her but I am just really annoyed that she tried to cheat me out of my money. period.

    as for the police etc - well, actually she send the bag last thursday and had 1 day left to enter her tracking details with paypal. she didnt. according to paypal she has forfeited the right to the claim. she pretended she had sent it 5 weeks ago but she didnt. I am sure she won't leave it like this but I emailed her a lot of times with no response over the past few weeks, so i really don't see why I should be the one running after her now.

    actually, when the bag came I thought it had been lost and found, all ready to get in touch with her. but after I saw she was lying I reckon her business now. the bag is still in the box. i don't see what the police would do about it - i haven't stolen from her.

    as for a return: no address on the box, so had I rejected it the post office would have kept it. also, sorry but no address with ebay - this is the first time. also in the invoice it says payment address not on file with ebay.

    i still fail to see why she did that, and I don't see how she could open a complaint with paypal. she had a lot of time to get in touch with them and she didnt. even after she sent the bag - this is what I don't get. I mean she had tracking - all it took was to enter that info. but i really don't feel this is my fault and after lying she can now get in touch with me. I am waiting daily for her email.
  10. I feel I need to say that again:
    the seller send the bag last Thursday - and friday the claim was coming to an end. she did not enter tracking info or respond in any way or form so the claim was decided in my favour. paypal states that the seller forfeits the right to appeal if they don't respond. on monday (3 days later) the dhl guy turns up and delivers the bag - royal mail tracking even states it was sent out last thursday.

    so it isn't paypal or myself but the seller who is at fault. i can't send it back myself because there is nowhere an address (ebay or package). I have looked her up on bt.com but no address there under her name.

    so, I am waiting to hear from her - or debating whether I should just send her money and that is it....
  11. well, no, she did receive money. I paid her, they reversed the payment. the bag arrived after I had received the refund. also paypal has a one transaction, one claim limit - only rarely do they re-open.

    also i should add that she has cheated another buyer out of $240. the buyer left a neg after I had bought and paid - no bag and no refund they said. this is why i got suspicious - and no email responses either.... we will see.
  12. I still say, wait to hear from her. She has been very irresponsible in all this. You have communicated alot and she has failed to answer. Let her e-mail you next. Then work things out. You are definitely not trying to cheat her. I hope the purse was worth the aggro and the excessive wait.

  13. thanks. exactly what I am planning to do...

    well, it would have been, if it weren't for the unexpected stains....
  14. did she say she was on holiday?
    Police can get involved
    and she can open paypal complaint
    am sure maybe she is ill or on holiday
    am sure you will here from her thats for sure no one can afford to loose a bag and money
    wish you well with it
  15. she said she was on holiday but I doubt that because she sent the bag last week without a comment or an email. I really don't think she is ill or anything bec she has done that to another, less assertive seller.

    as for police - i am sure they can get involved but about what? me receiving the bag after I got the refund? there is no address to return the darn thing to???? if I had refused the bag the post office would have auctioned it off or destroyed it. then I wouldn't even have had the bag to return or pay for?

    as for paypal, it would be great if you could tell me how this could go because these issues have come up before - thanks!

    and like I said, I am waiting to hear from her.