eBay experience - I am BEYOND angry!!

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Some advice would be so appreciated! I saw a Mahina XL in the now-discontinued Elephant Gris up for sale, so I jumped on it (after I saw it was authenticated). And the price was :nuts:. However, another bidder out-bid me tonight, so I increased my max bid. Suddenly, with four days left to go, I got a notice that the auction had ended and that I was the high bidder. I was sooooo excited. Cue this email 5 minutes later:


    I am terribly sorry but I meant to end it early for another seller. She wanted to buy it for now at the price below yours. is there any way you can retract your offer? I am very sorry. I promised her the bag. Please let me know. Thank you very much.

    What??? Can she do that??? I am shocked! Any advice? Anyone been in a situation like this before? I am soooo irrirated right now! I told her that she was welcome to try to cancel my bid or to relist the item, but I'm NOT risking my eBay feedback on someone trying to broker a deal outside of eBay!

  2. I never face this situation before but of course I am furious too.I'm sorry this happened to you.
  3. Thanks, flowerbobon! I appreciate the empathy!!!
  4. That's alright :hugs:
  5. I don't think its fair that she is requesting you to retract your bid. Maybe the other bidder should have put in a higher price? by the rules of ebay, you should be the winner.(In my opinion.)
  6. I sell on ebay and yes, they let you end auctions early. Usually it's only if the other buyer meets the reserve price. But when I talked to customer service, there are ways around it.
    However, if you actually won the bag at the auction's end, they couldn't "sell" it to another high paying bidder.
    I agree that it's unfair. As a buyer, that's happened to me plenty of times, it's very disappointing. :sad: I lost out on quite a few bargains.
  7. I believe you can file a complaint against the seller, not sure if that helps but it might make you feel better since you were cheated out of the bag, sorry.
  8. Thanks everybody for the opinions! She just sent me a cancellation notice. I went ahead with it, but I'm still angry. Oh well. I just bought the same bag on Fashionphile for about 1K more - addiction hurts, don't it? :biggrin:
  9. That's ridiculous. You'd think she'd want the higher price that you were offering her! I wouldn't have agreed, because it isn't fair, but that's just me.
  10. Something sounds fishy here... I'm so sorry this happened. My ebay days are over for large purchases.
  11. I agree.
  12. At this point, after what she did, I was happy NOT to have her bag! No matter the recourse, I was NOT going to buy from that seller!
  13. very sorry to hear what happened & i agree that you dont want to buy from a seller like that! i have the mahina in elephant grey L & its my fav bag, the color is TDF!!! glad you were able to find one b/c they dont pop up too often
  14. I am so sorry but at least you are getting your dream bag. I know it is not the same
  15. Sorry to hear about what happened to you OP! I am glad you did find your Mahina XL in Elephant Gris somewhere else! The color is tdf!!! Congrats!!