Ebay Etiquette

  1. Ok some advice needed from members of this forum who have more knowledge than I about what to do about eBay bids. Often I go to the site to verify a purse and someone has already asked. So I do not bid. What do you think. Do you guys bid or not when someone has already tried to verify a purse. Just curious what to do?
  2. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!
  3. An auction is all about competition so I don't see why you should not bid.
  4. I think it's fair game. I've posted purses on Authenticate this where I was the other person and another TPFer got it. No hard feelings though...some of the purses are hard to find, so ultimately the person who's willing to pay more should win it. If theres only a buy it now option, and it was authenticated..I wouldn't bid because then it's kinda like the only chance. This is just my opinion obviously. Someone on another thread said you could be bidding against a TPFer not knowing it is..and that's true also. eBay is free for anyone to search so it's just as likely you would have found it on your own. I wouldn't bid if I knew it was someone's dream bag and this was the only one...and I only kind wanted it. I think with bidding it's basically fair game. Of course I can't spend too much money on purses, so I would probably never outbid a TPFer. Good luck though...I hope one of you gets the bag:smile:
  5. ^:yes:
  6. Intentionally or coincidentally, there are a lot of people here who have similar tastes - that's why we hang out here! - so it's inevitable that at some point, multiple tPFers will be interested in the same bag. So unless you're bidding on a bag just to spite someone (which wouldn't make much sense, since you'd have to pay for it etc), I think it's fair and reasonable to bid on a bag that you know someone else on tPF is interested in.
  7. If I was going to authenticate the bag and found it was already authenticated, I bid because I was going to bid on the handbag anyhow. But, I don't bid if it is someone's dream bag or if I know they have been looking for that handbag for awhile.
  8. I also think for the most part we dont know most ebay id's of member as we arent allowed to post them. So therefore if you're new here you'd never who was who until they posted that bag.
    Again, if you want that bag and are willing to pay you'll get it, and if it means out bidding another member well......
  9. I don't read the authentication threads, so if I see a bag it's fair game (unless someone I know well is bidding on it, then I won't bid against them).
  10. It's fair game
  11. ^ditto
  12. I'll outbid any of you TPF'ers! Just kidding. =P I'm still too chicken to buy on ebay.
  13. Also, I've posted in "authenticate this" before and then changed my mind on a bag (totally normal for me--I'm so indecisive!). SOOO... you might be "not bidding" for nothing. I also wouldn't bid if it was a rare bag that was someone's dream bag, but I might not know, either. Plus, for me, I'm way too skeptical of ebay so I generally stay away... if the price is low, I usually assume the worst, anyway, sometimes without checking. Sad but true!