Ebay ethics

  1. Quick question: If you see an absolute fake on EBay what can you do? Is it against the rules to email the top bidder and let her/him know? It just burns me up!


  2. I have seen this discussed here, and the eBay experts will, I am sure, tell me if I am wrong, but I believe that contacting bidders on an item would be considered interference with an auction, and therefore against the rules.

    There is, however, the option of informing eBay about something that you believe is being fraudulently represented, and the eBayologists on here will know exactly what it is, or you can hunt for it in the voluminous labyrinth of eBay help, I would probably do that live help chat thing, if you have a computer modern enough to use it!
  3. As ShimmaPuff said, it's auction interference to contact a bidder. Report the fake listing--they will take action quickly.
  4. ^^Not always. Anyway, it is against ebay rules to contact a bidder on an auction that isn't yours. On the other hand, it could go either way. You contact the bidder to tell them and they are thankful...or you contact the bidder and they are spiteful and then tell the seller and report you to ebay. When I first started buying on ebay, someone contacted me about a fake I was bidding on and I was very thankful.