ebay ethics question

  1. does anyone know of a way my eBay account can be harmed if I email another member and tell them the bag they bought or are bidding on is a fake? I get so angry when I see people bidding big $ on fake crap.
  2. you'll get a better response in the eBay forum...but i seem to recall a few people saying that's a big problem if you do that.
  3. I have contacted many eBay members bidding on fake bags. And, have been thanked with great relief. You may contact the member, an encrypted code will be presented to send the email. I also tell them not to pay if they win. (depending on if/when the auction is pulled by Ebay). The only harm would be if the recipient didn't appreciate the warning and reported you. Which I doubt would happen.

    I also provide them the details, why the bag is fake, give a real serial number and recommend they look at current similar auctions or coach.com.

    I have also informed sellers that the bag they were selling is fake. And, report the listing.

    Have fun!
  4. whats the item number? If you can get enough people to report it then you might not have to bother with contacting the bidder. Or is the auction already over??

    For the most part, I would not bother contacting the seller to let them know that the bag is fake. Most of the time, they are fully aware of it and will just ignore you or get real nasty with you regarding the issue. The seller is much more likely to report you or to take some other type of negative action in response.

    It is much more effective to get the auction removed by ebay by reporting it. If the seller has a low number of feedback Ebay will usually take away their good standing (no longer a registered user) after so many reports and removed listings.
  5. It's called transaction interference and unfortunately, you can get in trouble if you do it:
    Transaction Interference
  6. ^thanks, mokoni. that's what i was trying to find.

    guys, trust me, i know how frustrating fakes are. but are you willing to tarnish your account for someone else?

  7. I was just about to say that.

    As much as it sucks, we have to keep it to ourselves. Like someone else said, the best we can do is just report it en masse, and hope that Ebay is on the ball and cancels it before the buyer pays.
  8. :sweatdrop: I guess I'm bold, unorthodoxed, & an adversary for the underdog! There was a period of time when a lot of fake Chelsea khaki optic signature satchels were being listed with bids almost as high as retail. I and another bidder I had warned, were determined to "save" every other bidder. And, fortunately my account unscathed!
  9. whelp, you could always set up a "dummy ID" and email them thru that! just provide lots of "facts" so that they dont see your 0 feedback and see you as a joke!
  10. I think if you do that you get in trouble. I think the best thing to do is just report the listing to ebay.
  11. Sometimes ebay feels forced to do something about fakes being sold on their site, because major brands put the pressure on them, but let's face it, an item sold is an item that brings the cash to ebay and I know powersellers selling fakes (i won't name names) who will NEVER be stopped by ebay because they bring in too much money. Ebay is even aware of some powersellers shill bidding for one another and does nothing about that. When you write to them about that they answer that they are grateful that you brought the problem to their attention and that they will certainly look into the matter but unfortunately cannot do anything in the meantime. I once got tricked into buying a fake on ebay (the picture and the bag received were not the same) and ebay did absolutely nothing. They just provided me with the seller's address (which was fake anyway). :confused1:
  12. If you have a "second" ebay account would be better, if you sell items the person your trying to save could tell the seller and then they could turn around a bid on your items and not pay so forth.

    I have told people after the auction to go to certain sites and see what is being said about that seller before they pay for it.

    Give us the link so we can report it and hopefully get it removed