eBay, etc. General Question/Answer Thread

  1. Bonz Q:
    What to do if item not received? I was offered free shipping and according to the seller, my item was shipped on the 12/01 using USPS Priority, tracking doesn't say much...just something like this- "Processed through Sort Facility, January 12, 2011, 11:52 pm, PORTLAND, OR 97218".
    It's an international transaction btw. I've already contacted the seller. Doesn't help much..keeps telling me to track online. Should I file for INR, just wait or something? My other packages from US have arrived safely.
  2. Hi all, how can I found out how many times the same auction (item number) has been listed on eBay? Thanks
  3. Ist time seller on eBay....A potential buyer has asked me for additional pictures...Is there a way to send more pictures when I'm responding to her message through eBay? I can't seem to find the attachment icon?? I don't have her regular email address...
    TIA :smile:
  4. Go into your email for your ebay account. Hit reply to the message from your e-mail account. You can add photos there.
  5. Two ways: You can check the sellers Completed Listings and it will show how if the item has been relisted in the last 15 days. Since that's only 15 days, you can also go to Goofbay and it will give you a longer timeline (can't remember how long).
  6. If it's a lot of photos you can put them in an album in Picasa or other photo apps and send the buyer the link.
  7. thank you for the reply and the tip;)
  8. thanks for your help!:smile:
  9. eBay Q: I recently had to file a NPB case (first time in 11 years) and was wondering, since I did it manually, not using the assistant, do I have to close the case tomorrow after the 4 day period and still no payment received? I don't want to jeopardize receiving FVF back...thanks in advance.:smile:
  10. Yes.

  11. I bought a Cartier bracelet on ebay and see that it is a fake. The inside markings say Cartier but it is not real. I looked back at the auction and the seller in the description said it was Carter Inspired bracelet... but that was not in the item title. They said it came with the Cartier box but no papers. Can I get my money back or am I at fault? The item is not authentic. Thank you
  12. You can try. If the title indicates that it is in fact a Cartier, you probably have a good case. I'd file SNAD. Call Ebay as well and see what they think.

    EDIT: to add, did you try contacting the seller?

  13. I didn't bc I was scared to. I haven't ever dealt with something like this and she was very nice with the transaction (prob bc she knew she was making a good deal) What's a SNAD?
  14. Significantly Not As Described. If you file a claim, you file either that the item was not received (INR) or item was not as described (SNAD) which covers everything else. It's against Ebay rules to sell counterfeit items. If it actually says Cartier on the item somewhere, that's counterfeit and NOT inspired.

    The seller may be willing to take a return so if you message her politely it could turn out ok for you. Most sellers would rather the opportunity to do that rather than have a case filed against them, so that's their incentive. But if you can't work it out with the seller, then open a case with Ebay.
  15. It does say Cartier inside the bracelet, on the box and screwdriver. I will try contacting the seller first. THank you for your help!