eBay, etc. General Question/Answer Thread

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  1. I have a question for all you sellers - when a buyer uses automatic bidding, do you know what the buyer's max bid amount is?

    Hand in hand with this is question is a more general inquiry - how can you tell if a seller (under another identity) is running up the auction amount - or is using a close friend/relative to do so?

    I think this is happening to me right now, but I don't know how to tell for sure.

    Any tips or advice would be welcome.
  2. has anyone shipped cls to germany? i am trying to get a more specific idea of shipping price for two pair of cls besides what i am getting from usps.com
  3. Cinderela: The seller doesn't know, but they could shill bid to find out. That's what you're talking about in the second instance. If the auction isn't over and this is what you suspect, I'd retract my bid. I've never done that before, but someone else here could tell you how to do it.

    It's really hard to prove shill bidding but there are some clues, like if the ones bidding you up are new members or have 0 or 1 feedbacks. If you look at the sellers previous auctions, do those same sort of bids show up?

    And you should report it to Ebay.
  4. I just sold and item on Bonanza (yay), but my buyer does not have a paypal account. I was asked to send them a request for the payment. I'd like to know what happens with PP protection on both parties?! and I assume I will still have to pay PP fees?

    TIA for the info ;)
  5. I've noticed that there will be items on Bonanza that have been there a bit and then all of a sudden they show up in the "Newest" listings again with a price discount. How do they do that?
  6. They make a duplicate listing and lower the price, and then remove the old listing. It is a way of "refreshing" the listing.
  7. Got it! Thank you!
  8. ^^ yeah I kind of wish bonz had a listing "refresh" button, or bumped the listing up when the price changed. It would be easier!
  9. Does anyone know how to pay Bonanz* fees? I know they say that they will send a monthly invoice, but is there a way to pay it one time, right away (as on evilbay)?
  10. They don't have it set up to pay in advance of the end of month. I wish they did.
  11. ^Ah, bummer. Thanks for the response!
  12. I am a casual ebay seller- I am selling a couple items for a coworker and she said she would give me 20%. My question is- do I pay the ebay fee out of my 20%, or take it off the top and then divide the final cost 80-20% between me and the person I am selling for?
  13. That's a good question. In my mind, I think your fee is like Ebay's fvf.. it's 20% of the final sold price. And from what your co-worker gets, all fees are subtracted because you're the one risking your feedback if you get a weird buyer. But that's just my thought. Others' opinions may differ.

    BUT the real answer is that you figure that out with your co-worker.
  14. What to do if you bid on an item and win. You then find out later that the item is fake, and the item has not been paid for how do you handle reasonably?
  15. I imagine you had it authenticated here? I would contact the seller and let them know you've had the item authenticated and that it is counterfeit and you would like to cancel the transaction. I would be very polite and professional (give the benefit of the doubt that they didn't know). Hopefully they will cancel it and the problem solved. Worst case, they file a NPB strike against you. If you don't have a record of NPB strikes and are in good standing on Ebay, it won't hurt you. But I definitely would not pay for it.