eBay, etc. General Question/Answer Thread

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  1. Omaha: My advice always is to leave honest feedback, whether it's a Pos, Neu, or Neg. Maybe in your case it's a Pos with a lower star-rating score on shipping. Maybe it's a Neutral. I wouldn't Neg this seller, however, kuz you did get the item and had no problems with it.
  2. Okay. Thanks so much for your honest input. So, in your opinion, do you think I was over charged for shipping yes or no?

  3. I don't know what the seller paid for postage, and sellers don't have to charge exactly that amount. They can charge a bit more or even less. Insurance is the seller's responsibility, not the buyer's, as it protects the seller if the item gets lost. Did the seller charge you for insurance? If he did, then he took advantage of you plus he broke eBay rules. Still, why insure a $50 item. The Signature Confirmation, again, protects the seller, but why would he get/you expect SigConf for a $50 item when all PP/eBay requires for transactions of $250 or less is Delivery Confirmation? In any case, you can see how much he paid on the label, right? Say he paid $10 and charged you $15. IMO, the extra $5 wouldn't be much of an issue unless it was meant to pay for services he did not buy.
  4. The shipping label doesn't say. It was purchased & paid for thru PayPal shipping so there no dollar amount reflected on it. The Ebay listing said that shipping fees were $15 which included signature confirmation and insurance. I didn't understand why those options would be needed either. But neither were used when mailed. That's why I felt either like I didn't get what I paid for OR that I was over charged for shipping all together from the start. & when I contacted the seller to express my concern (even though it's only $15) all they said was that I still got a "great deal on x item" and that they took extra time to wrap the package in Christmas paper which I should be thankful for (wrapping was very simple--nothing special--but it was a nice gesture). That's why I feel torn. Ya know?

  5. I still wouldn't neg the seller kuz much worse things happen on eBay than a small discrepancy on shipping. If the item is OK, as described, you're happy with it, seller has communicated, etc., I would give a Positive with a lower star rating for the shipping. That's me. You could give Neutral feedback, whatever you feel comfortable with.
  6. She is allowed to incorporate that into the handling fee. So S&H at $15 includes insurance & DC is permissible.

    You can figure out what she actually paid by using a shipping claculator. All you need is the weight, location shipped from/to and the box dimensions if >1cubic foot.
  7. Though many may disagree with me, I think Craigslist is best. You're dealing in hard cash and in person. Just be careful not to meet up with crazies, of course. But through CL, a potential buyer can handle the item in hand, inspect it, and then decide on if they want it or not--in person. Once they buy it, they give you cash and you never have to see them again.

    Also, meeting face to face gives you the chance to get a feel for a buyer's mannerisms.

    Whatever method you choose, good luck selling your treasures!
  8. Many, many times ebay sellers lose out on shipping costs. If the item was wrapped well, and arrived intact, I would not nitpick about such a small amount. I understand where you are coming from as a buyer, but I also understand the seller's side, and can't fault them for wanting to save a few bucks. This does not warrant a neg. or neutral IMO, but you could ding the shipping stars if you wish, and still leave pos. FB for the item.
  9. I just sold a bag on the Bonz and the buyer has her profile restricted so I am unable to view her feedback. Is this normal and should I be concerned?
  10. Some people do that...I'm not sure why. But the message it sends, to me at least, is that they have something to hide. So I don't buy from those sellers. As to the buyers...well, you could ask her why her profile is restricted, see what she says.
  11. first off - awesome thread. I didn't want to start a new one, so this is great!! Thanks littlerock

    now for my ebay problem: I listed a bag a couple of days ago which was bought within a few hours by an international buyer. I am in Germany, buyer is in the US. I have no problem with that, just for info. I started getting a bit worried when I realised the buyer has only recently started on ebay and has only 1 feedback (positive though on the same brand as my bag). but hey we all started at some point.

    once I sent payment info, I received a request for pics of authenticity tag and close up of brand info. I sent those but also stated that usually you ask BEFORE you buy. I also stated that I expected a response from the buyer and payment in the next couple of days. So far, no response, no payment. I just sent another message asking whether they would actually pay for the bag, as I haven't heard from the buyer at all and I would like to relist. I need the funds.

    when should I just cancel the transaction? wait another couple of days, I think ebay anyway gives 4 days or is it 7? I can't remember. I am just so annoyed because I think she will not pay and it will take so much more time now.
  12. 4 days to pay - I have my settings set up to automatically file and then to close. If you don't, 4 days and second after payment was due, you can open up an IPID.

    4 days after that you can close it.
  13. noshoepolish - thanks! I have no automatic setting so I will do it myself. but this is what I fear - it will now take 8 days from my time if the buyer does not pay or agree to cancel transaction. ugh, I am not sure I even want to sell to her cause I fear more trouble afterwards.
  14. You can send her a request to cancel the transaction. That gives you your final value fee back. But if she declines, then you are SOL.
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    I live in the UK. I have 2 vintage Gucci handbags deemed authentic on the "authenticate this" thread. But im new to selling designer goods, and I dont know what is the best way to sell them.

    Is ebay best bet do people think? or should i try yoogis closet or something. Im not sure how much they are worth either, so if selling on ebay wouldn't know how much of a reserve to put on them?

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - Please no specifics on bags for sale. General questions only. Thnak you

    Anyone got any ideas on value or best selling techniques? Id be happy to ship internationally. photos can be seen here...

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - Please no specifics on bags for sale. General questions only. Thnak you

    Thanks ladies (and guys??)