eBay, etc. General Question/Answer Thread

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  1. Paypal question:

    Hi everyone, I've been using paypal for ten years now with the same email, user name, and it's linked to ebay. I've also lived at this address for over ten years. In the time that I've had a paypal acct, I've never changed my address, bank acct or cc other than to update the expiration date on the card. Recently, with my last three ebay purchases, I've been informed by sellers that my address on paypal is unconfirmed. I don't know how that happened since it's the same address for years and in all those years, it was confirmed. Why did paypal all of a sudden unconfirm my shipping address? I've emailed them and so far no answer.
  2. Hi. I've been a buyer/seller on ebay with 100% feedback for years. I just got my first negative last week. (the buyer claims she never ever got the item, I sent it out to her at a post office on time and in person, and she just got very angered.). How does someone not take their first negative feedback personally? And, just wondering, but is it possible that it will ever go back to 100% positive?
  3. Does anyone know where i could find this key chain to buy for my gf???? i have been looking for hours and i just cant seem to find it :tdown:
  4. They are from a few years ago. Keep watching ebay and Bonanza. One might show up. I sold all mine.

  5. It will go back to 100% in 12 months. Feedback drops off at that point.
  6. Hi, I'm wondering if someone can offer advise. I've sold a bag with "free shipping" to someone in Singapore (I am in Australia) and the buyer is unable to complete the transaction as she receives the following message.

    "I tried to checkout to pay for the galet day but this error message keeps appearing
    'Shipping can not use a different country than given when offer was accepted (the seller’s shipping estimate was based off country being US)'

    how does it work? do I hve to change something like my address or ur shipping has to be changed?"

    I am offering free shipping worldwide, not just for the US but I think I must have selected Free Ship within US when I was setting up my booth.

    What can she or I do respectively? I've also contacted Bonanza, but no respond yet. Buyer is going on holiday soon and then I am going on holiday so would like to have this resolved asap.

    I would really appreciate any insights. Thank you!
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    Nevermind, I found the answer to my question!
  8. If I were you, I'd relist the bag in a new listing being careful not to select anything that says "free shipping to US".. Then end the old listing. Tell the buyer to try again with the new listing......

  9. Hi, I actually do have a question now...

    I did a BIN on an item and paid. The seller informed me a few days later the item was out of stock and offered me a refund. She then opened a case and sent a cancellation notice but did not refund my money. On the ebay case details page, it states:

    "You should only accept the cancellation request if you haven't paid yet or you've already received your refund from the seller."

    So I contacted the seller and told her this, and she told me:

    "PayPal will void the transaction if you cancel it. It won't refund if the order is still active." and "I'm sorry it is not up to me. I can only cancel it. It is up to PayPal."

    So am I supposed to cancel the transaction first? I'm confused.

  10. I would trust Ebay over this seller, don't cancel if she hasn't refunded. Give Ebay a call to be sure but I don't see why she can't go ahead and refund your money. The one time this happened to me the seller refunded first and then sent the cancellation request.

  11. What is it called when you suspect a seller of having one of their friends bid on something to up the price?

    I recently won an auction for my exact highest bid. But in the last ten minutes, some zero feedback user came in and increased my bid by the exact minimum increments. When their increases finally passed my max bid, their last bid somehow disappeared, making me the high bidder again.

    Is that weird? I suspect foul play but I don't know whether or not to confront the seller...
  12. Shill Bidding
  13. Thanks, Linda! That's what I thought, too, but she's a long time seller, so she confused me. It turns out she had never refunded anyone before, so I had to talk her through it, and then I cancelled the transaction once I was refunded.
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    Am I being unreasonable? Or just to critical?

    What kind of feedback should I leave...over charging for shipping yes or no?

    I paid $15.00 shipping from MA to NE Priority mail (which was described as "expedited shipping for Christmas" in the Ebay listing) which was to include signature confirmation and insurance. The item I bought was only $50. Before buying I contacted to seller to make sure it was realistic that it would reach me before Christmas, as I was buying it as a present. Seller assured me if I paid right away then they would ship out the same day later that evening on Thursday Dec 16th. Item didn't actually ship until the afternoon of Dec 17th as the seller said she had to locate a box to ship it in.

    Fast forward to Thursday Dec 23rd when the item was delivered @ 1257pm. It came in a Priorty Mail flat rate box. No insurance and no signature required (which I paid for but personally didn't think was necessary anyways due to the purchase price of the item). But the item itself was wrapped in Christmas paper for me, which was a nice surprise since it was a gift.

    So I contacted the seller to let them know that I did finally received the package and casually and politely mentioned that I was wondering about a refund in shipping charges since no signature/insurance was used (again the Ebay listing included these 2 things in the shipping fees that I had already paid). I explained to the seller that I know the actual cost of mailing in USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes and I also know that the boxes are provided by the post office.

    Almost a day later, the seller messages me back and in a nut shell says that they will not be refunding me anything for the difference in actual shipping fees, that they wrapped the present for me as a courtesy so I should be thanking them (which I did by the way) and that "I got a great deal on "x" item anyways". The whole message they responded with rubbed me the wrong way. Especially since they ended their message with a smiley face. As I hate having the feeling like I was over charged for anything, just out of mere principle.

    I haven't left the seller feedback yet. They have left me very positive feedback as a buyer because I paid via PayPal within minutes of buying their item (as I always do anyways). 99.9% of the time I do leave very descriptive feedback for sellers. Mainly because I feel this may help other future buyers. In my 2+ years buying on Ebay, I've only ever said 1 "negative" comment in feedback mentioning that shipping charges were not combined as promised (which was truthful). So, overall I've had very positive experiences buying on Ebay.

    I'm considering just not leaving any feedback for this seller at all. But then again, I don't feel 100% like that is the right thing to do either.

    Any suggestions please?
  15. Hi.
    Which method do you think is best for a beginner seller?
    Ebay? Craigslist? Bonanzle?

    I have tons of designer stuff I need to get rid of, but I am terrified of being scammed.

    Thanks a lot!