eBay, etc. General Question/Answer Thread

  1. How long do you typically wait to hear from a seller before reaching out for an expensive buy?

    I bought a pretty pricey bag late last night, I paid immediately. The seller is not in my time zone and is a couple hours behind. I figured I'd hear something today but so far, nothing.

    I know I'm pretty impatient when I'm waiting for a purchase but I sort of want to send a message to get some acknowledgment.

  2. If you paid immediately and it's been more than 24 hrs after that point, I think you should send a kind note and just ask to be provided with a tracking number. That way they will say, oh it's dadada, or oh.I haven't had a chance to mail it, but I'll mail it dadada. I don't think it would hurt to ask that....IMO:smile:
  3. Thanks! I just sent a quick message saying I'm looking forward to receiving the bag and was wondering when I can expect it to ship. Seems fair/polite enough to me :smile:
  4. Sure does.!;)
  5. The same thing happened to me now I sold my PST bag on eBay the buyer paid on the 9th July, I shipped out the same day from Canada to USA. The box arrive July12th in the Am. time and singed for, July 13th the buyer emailed me she got the empty Chanel box with no purse in it!! and then opened the case with paypal right away!!

    I called paypal and they put the case in my favour , she then waits 14 days and open not- as described claim against me! I have been trying to call paypal and spoke to a lot of representatives no one could help just said I need to wait for Paypal to decide the outcome, I don't know what to do! if anyone could advise I would be appreciated.
  6. ^^^So she says she never received bag...lost case. Now she's opened a not as described on a bag she says she didnt get? I'd point out fraud to paypal when I talk to them. Maybe also think about filing police report if you don't get your bag back.
  7. whats the difference between royal mail airsure and royal mail signed for?

    i am in the US and have purchased something from a seller in the UK.
  8. if i purchase something outside of eBay (that once was an auction) using PayPal - if i use my account balance or bank account to pay and something were to go wrong, would paypal be able to refund me/side with me if i made a claim.

    i've been hearing conflicting things about only paying with a CC if you want to be able to refund something if you file an INR or SNAD.

    i just want to know the best way to protect myself before making the $$ purchase. TIA
  9. ok nevermind I disabled the email notifications.

    1 more question.

    Should I have my eBay fees automatically paid? Or is there a better way to do it?

  10. Just wanted to give my opinion on this. Ebay now gives sellers an automatic 5 stars for communication UNLESS the buyer and/or seller emails the other to ask a question. If there is any communication between them (whether good or bad) then the stars are available for buyer to knock down or do as they please. This might be why you didn't hear from the seller. It's not fair for ebay to do this, but they do. As a seller I like to thank my buyers for the quick payment, etc but I can certainly see why some sellers don't. :smile:

  11. I have my fees taken out automatically once a month when I'm billed. I usually leave enough in my paypal account to pay my fees. Sometimes when I get a notice that they're due and will be taken out soon I'll just go in and pay them manually. I don't know if there's a 'better' way, just depends on what works best for you.
  12. great thanks I will leave it as automatic then.
  13. Does that include putting a message in the box when I invoice?
  14. Thanks! I had heard something about this before, I can understand the seller's point of wanting to avoid giving buyer the option to knock them. The silence just makes me nervous on purchases in the hundreds of dollars! I think at that point it's important to exchange a sentence or two, but I admit I do tend to get a little antsy about my bags :p
  15. After the buyer pays, I use the Paypal e-mail address to communicate.