Ebay employees leak user's personal information

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  1. Recently there have been alot of rumors flying around that eBay employees are giving out user's personal info, like name , address, credit card number, you name it. I didn't believe this to be true until it's just happend to me. I guess I made the mistake of going to the boards to report an item. I got attacked by a mob of people thinking they know everything. This one user on eBay posted my personal info on the thread. Things she could have only known if someone at eBay had given them my info. I wrote an email to ebay saying that I would be contacting law enforcement because this person is stalking me. What reply do i get back??? Account suspension! I'm done with selling on ebay... but this issue isn't over. I plan on contacting law enforcement and my lawyer on this issue. I have googled the name of the user on ebay who is doing this, and this isn't the first time an ebay user has been stalked and their various accounts hacked and personal info spread all over the threads.

    Please watch out.. there is no telling what info they are leaking and to whom!

    Ebay Can't be trusted!
  2. What!!!!!????????
  3. ?? What??
  4. That was my thoughts exactly, when i first heard about this. I used to love ebay. Oh no not anymore. My personal info was spread all over the thread. This person somehow hacked into my photobucket accoutn which was private and posted pics of my family. Then they posted my address,cell number, school information. I've seen from other boards this user is a lawyer, for whatever that means.

    I figured it all out when i seen my pics posted and wondered how they were posted when my account is set to private, i try to log on to my photobucket account and couldn't log in. I've seen contacted photobucket and regained access to my account. This person has serious problems but I don't think they are the only one either. In threads i've googled, this person actually manged to get an ebay mod fired.

    I've cancelled my credit cards and changed my number just incase.

    This definitly isn't over... I trusted them..... we all trusted them with our info.

    This story is already flying all over myspace. The word needs to get out and more people need to come forward to have something done.
  5. This is an absolute lie! I know for a fact!!!!
  6. This woman acted so horribly on the ebay board that she is now naru'd and was already under another ID. Believe nothing she says.
  7. No it isn't. I'm very sure that is exactly what is happening. Ebay's crossed the lines in dirty dealings as far as i'm concerned. I'm not the only person this has happend to either.
    Do your research!
  8. shadow and that would be saw NOT seen

    "I figured it all out when i seen"
  9. Believe what you want.....You would act badly too if someone hacked your PRIVATE photobucket account and posted pics of your family.... That's a lil beyond insane.

    I saved the entire thread before posts suddenly started to go missing. I don't list my cc number publicly or many other amounts of info that was posted!

    Like I said, its not over.... if you are a lil groupie of the member ________, i strongly suggest reconsidering you status.

    Those boards are meant to help people, and when someone gets on there they are stalked, harrassed, and now hacked? Oh come on, posting pics of family members? Personal info? And i bet that user isn't suspended, why would that be?

    No other reason besides, something is alil crooked with ebay and user's info that is suppose to be safe....
  10. I'm pretty sure at tpf they won't allow the things that go on over on the ebay threads.

    It's wrong, unethical, illegal..... I could go on.. But i'll save my energy to do something about it.
  11. Ladies (excluding shadow) believe me when I say ALL lies! 100% all lies. I was there reading it all on the ebay community forum.

    theshadowbox, you need to stop this.

    tpf members, let it be known there are many ID's this woman uses. She has been booted off ebay before and comes back with a new ID. She always uses posting IDs, which is fine if they are for good reason. Her reasons are NOT good. I would direct you to the thread, but it was removed by ebay and theshadowboxgifts and theburybombshell are now booted again (same person). Her other ID that was booted months ago is lilhowiesmom. You can confirm much of what I am saying by checking on ebay.
  12. errr...wtf is everyone talking about?
  13. If you do not have your photobucket account set to private then it can be viewed by the public.
  14. :shrugs:I'm really not sure. Maybe this is an issue that needs to be settled in private?
  15. i'm closing this now. please keep your personal issues with others OFF the board. just because someone has your info doesn't mean ebay gave it to them. let's use some logic here, and let's NOT spread our dirty laundry all over the internet, mmk?
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