ebay email spam???

  1. HI
    I just received this scary email (see below) and it's only in my email box not in my ebay messages (usually they should be there too). Because of all I read on the forum I did not answer nor confirmed my login etc. Is this the right thing to do? Does anyone know more about this?
    Once again thanks so much for your help,

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Dear olfasgb@hotmail.com ,

    Your bank has contacted us regarding attempts of charges from your credit card via the eBay system. Also, unusual activity was also detected on your eBay account. We have reasons to believe that you changed your registration information or that someone else has unauthorized access to your eBay id. Due to recent activity, including possible unauthorized listings placed on your account, we will require a second confirmation of your identity with us in order to allow us to investigate this matter further. Your account is not suspended, but if in 48 hours after you receive this message your account is not confirmed we reserve the right to suspend your eBay registration. If you received this notice and you are not the authorized account holder, please be aware that it is in violation of eBay policy to represent oneself as another eBay user. Such action may also be in violation of local, national, and/or international law. eBay is committed to assist law enforcement with any inquires related to attempts to misappropriate personal information with the intent to commit fraud or theft. Information will be provided at the request of law enforcement agencies to ensure that perpetrators are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]
    To confirm your identity with us click here:

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]After responding to the message, we ask that you allow at least 72 hours for the case to be investigated. Emailing us before that time will result in delays. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Thank you for taking these simple steps to ensure safe trading on eBay.

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Sincerely,

    Matt Halprin
    Vice President, eBay Global Trust & Safety Policy

  2. theyll never send you an email addressed To: email address, theyll always use your name
  3. That's what I thought too and after reading the spoof email tutorial on ebay this looks like a perfect example of a spam... hope reading this will keep PFer from making a mistake with these spams
  4. Did you get this in your ebay messages? If not, then report it to ebay!
  5. :cursing: Definitely report it to Ebay:yes:
  6. Yep that's what I did,I checked first whether it was in my Ebay messages as well, it wasn't and I reported it, thanks guys for confirming it's a spam
  7. I had this problem at the beginning of summer. They were asking me to pay for the FARM EQUIPMENT that I had bid on and won?!?! Farm equipment? Excuse me? I only used my ebay acc't once and that was three years ago! Stupidly I entered in and cause a whole slew of probs. I eventually ended up cancelling my acc't because I never had any intention of using it again anyway. Caused much undue stress however.

    REPORT TO EBAY!!!! Don't panic - just delete them as soon as they come.
  8. ^^^I had someone do this to me for an airplane engine!!!! I was like WTF!:wtf:
  9. :lol: :lol: