Ebay doesn't do enough to discourage NPB

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  1. I've noticed that NPB are becoming more rampant. I've gotten 3 this week. All they get is a slap on the wrist with a possible neg. They should have to pay a fee just for all the trouble a seller has to go through in order to recoup the fees. I'm sick of newbie ebayers just buying stuff and never paying. It makes me wonder if they've had a history of doing that on eBay and just getting themselves a new account each time.
  2. I'm sorry for you, I've never sold anything but buy and I try to pay right after I won. I once had a bad buy experience, Bought a computer system and it was fake, paypal only paid 200 back, so now I will never buy anything over 200 with someone who hasn't have had enough transactions.

    Sometimes I see in a auction that the seller doesn't want someone with at least 10 feedback to bid or something. I agree as a seller you are very vulnerable.
  3. I agree and I get so frustrated with eBay being so lax with NPB.

    This new feedback system makes me angry as it does nothing to help sellers. Why did they not change the feedback system for bidder as well so we could leave them more detailed ratings? :mad:
  4. i had this girl yesterday who bought items from me and confused me with another seller. And now she won't even pay. She didn't even bother to look at what she was buying let alone figure out that she was buying from 2 different eBay stores.
  5. Yeah, I have used Ebay for several years and never had to deal with NPBs...now I've had two in the past two weeks. Luckily one paid right after I slapped with a negative....I'm still waiting for seven more days before I can get my fees back and slap the second person with a neg. Even if they do end up following through, it's a pain in the butt dealing with it!
  6. I am dealing with my first one, it's BS I have to wait 2 weeks total to get my fees back! How is that fair, that buyers actually have 2 weeks to pay for something?
  7. I totally agree - a buyer found to be a NPB should have account suspended for 30 days each time they offend!
  8. How I agree with you! I had my first experience with a NPB recently and I couldn't believe the effort involved on my part in return for what seemed like a minimal sanction. I was truly astonished that it was all so disproportionate.
  9. Non paying bidders are a total pain. I sold a bag to one a few weeks ago and never heard from her after she won it. So, I sold it to the 2nd highest bidder and left her a neg. Then she left ME a neg, saying I sold the bag to someone else. Well, duh! Of course I sold it to someone else, because you didn't pay for it! Thankfully eBay removed her neg from me because she didn't even respond to the unpaid item notification.

    I watch my items very closely now and I remove bidders if they have zero feedback or if they are unverified. Those are always the ones who don't pay.
  10. I think the three strikes and you're out rule works just fine. If you start levying fines on NPB's the site will just die
  11. I'm yet another who gets these, too. Why eBay doesn't do more than provide a NPB charge, is totally beyond me. And you get the FVF credit, but what about the listing fees in the first place? I hate how lax they are...
  12. What is the alternative though? Whilst I understand frustrations people have (and I'm a 3,000 plus fb eBayer) there's no good moaning without coming with a viable solution
  13. I completely agree, I have three NPB at the moment and it's very frustrating.
    I just don't understand people's compulsion to bid on something and not pay.
  14. I have a hunch some NPB's are either competing sellers or disgruntled counterfeit sellers trying to play games using separate ID's. What quicker way to get competing items off of Ebay or to mess with your feedback rating?

    One way around it is to make your auctions BIN with immediate payment required. Maybe not the best way to make a profit, but you'll save yourself some headaches.
  15. Ok, so I waited my 7 days... I sent her an invoice every day and NEVER had any sort of a response. So today I posted a NEG and 5 minutes after she pays. I wish they would just pay when they're supposed to or email me and let me know your payment is coming late. Instead of making me think you're a deadbeat buyer. I still have 3 NPB as of today.