Ebay Dilemma

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Okay, here's the deal. I've been watching an auction on a really cute b-bag. It's up for "best offer" or buy it now. I made all the usual inquiries about the bag, including where did you buy it, etc. The seller is a consignment store, so she indicated that her customer purchased it at Neiman's in the Short Hills Mall in NJ. Well, as I was doing my research, I see that the seller actually purchased it on Ebay from a known seller of authentic bags (good thing) in HK.
    Now that I know what the seller paid for the bag originally (which was more than I was going to offer), I wonder if I should call her out on the "white lie" about how she obtained the bag? Also, should I let my knowledge of her purchase price influence my best offer figure? I think the BIN price is too high for this style of bag, but I don't want to go too high on my offer, since this bag may have limited resale, if I tire of it and want a new bag.
    Thanks for your input!
  2. I think you should offer what you are comfortable paying and not a penny more. If you called her out on her lie, it would only make her angry. I highly doubt she would then offer you the bag for less because she lied about how she obtained it.

    Good luck!!
  3. ^^I agree with Becca!
  4. I would mention to the seller in a nice way that you saw from her f/b
    where the bag came from.....I wonder why she would lie about it anyway? I would not even deal with someone that lied about something so basic.....but, that's just me.
  5. Thanks! That's good advice...I just hate it when one gets away over what amounts to pennies, at least in B-bag money.
    BTW, I should add that she's seems like a really nice person, not a scum-sucking scammer. Maybe she just felt too uncomfortable saying, "I bought it on Ebay".
  6. I agree, I have a real hard time not saying something when someone lies like that, just cause I want them to know that buyers sometimes do their research and find out the truth. Perhaps next time she will be more forthcoming..
  7. If she bought it on E-bay she could easily tell you that and then link the original auction, so that you know what you are getting. I don't think that feeling uncomfortable exonerates a person from telling the truth. Unless it has to do with getting out of a traffic ticket. :lol:
  8. Totally! And now that you mention the pics, they were the same ones as in the original auction. :hrmm:
    Let's see: shortcut or...? I think I might say something, but keep it really neutral and friendly.
  9. Well, at the end of the day, I would probably skip this one...
  10. Me too! A bag purchase that starts out with a lie is the start of a bad
  11. ^^ Ditto. SHe'll probably get mad that you were "poking" around. Liars generally don't react well on eBay when you catch them, even on white lies.
  12. Crap. :sad:
    While I don't think there's a prob with the bag, it's a little hard to ignore the lack of forthrightness. I mean, most of us have bought bags from Ebay, and many re-sell. There's nothing wrong with the process, as long as the bags are genuine, and the provenance is disclosed, IMO.
  13. hmm... toughie. it weird she outright lied to you. i'd skip it just for that, unless there is no chance another will pop up in the near future.
  14. I hate it when sellers do that. "Oh, it came from a store/was a present/etc..." when it truth, it was previously won on Ebay. That's happened to me a couple times and it always irks me so much that I decide to just pass on the item altogether. Don't these sellers know with just a wee bit of research, we can easily find out the truth? I guess the sellers think buyers would be more comfortable thinking the item came from a store rather so that is why they lie.

    Either way, I wouldn't tell her that you know that she is lying esp if you plan on making an offer on the bag. It will make her angry and decrease the odds of you getting it. Personally, I would pass on the bag, but if you really want it and it's in great shape, give her an offer you are comfortable with--don't feel you have to give a higher offer than you want to just because it sold for more before.
  15. I just can't understand why someone would lie about this!! That's what
    has me feeling bad about this whole transaction........