eBay Dilemma - what would you do?

  1. I need help :shame:

    I found something on eBay UK what I really would like to buy.

    Problem is: The listing says the seller only ships to the UK. (Not in the listing text, only at the bottom)

    I've written the seller a mail, but haven't heard back yet. :crybaby:

    What would you do in my place?

    Go ahead and use BIN, I can still figure out the details later or just wait and maybe forget about it.

    I'm so nervous right now and always checking whether someone already used the BIN option :hysteric:

    Any input is highly appreciated :flowers:
  2. I'd ASQ them and ask them for permission to bid.

    If I stated I won't ship Intenationally and someone bid anyhow, I'd be really mad.
  3. I agree, I would wait for seller's response first.
  4. Yep, that's what I'm afraid of ...

    And generally I wouldn't be tempted to hit BIN on an auction that doesn't ship international, but I think transactions within the EU are kinda different since there's no customs work involved, just the shipping.

    I just got my black epi speedy from a british seller last week and it was only 10 GBP to ship that big box, fully trackable on every step of the way

    I'm at a total loss here :shame:

    I've been looking for that item forever and now the waiting drives me crazy
  5. Don't bid until you hear from the seller.
    Someone from UK did a BIN on my item, although I did not have shipping instructions for outside of US. As I posted in another thread, eBay took down my listing after the sale and still charged me for the Final Vlaue Fee. As for the Buyer, he cannot buy my item either. In conclusion, you will not likely get your desired item, and the Seller will be stuck with many problems to fix, request for refund and relist. What a mess!
  6. ASQ them, you never know, they may answer immediately!
  7. I already asked them last night and am still waiting for the answer.

    That's why I'm so nervous, I'm afraid someone will snatch it up before the seller answers. :shame:
  8. aaah, I see.
  9. Hmmm Mara, Ive been in this situation before. I would wait for them to answer your question. If they dont then its their loss :smile:
  10. Hi Kittie

    All the documents I have read recently, lead me to believe there is no risk within EU. Although, some people may not well be comfortable with it.

    If I can help you out with it in anyway, I will do. I know what is like to find something you have been waiting for an age, only to watch it disappear to someone else.

    :wlae: Not that I am trying to encourage you, btw. I'm not really. I don't want Socialite telling me I have helped you break your ban.
  11. However tempting, I agree with the majority that waiting, although it's horrid and frustrating, is the way to go. You want this seller to want to work with you rather than rub him/her up the wrong way. A super enthusiastic, very reassuring email expressing your obvious interest then alas a nail-biting wait seems the right thing here . . .so hope it works.
  12. have they got a long track record?
    some new buyers are not really aware of their options ... the other day I bid on a UK item bec it was last minute and the buyer was totally cool with shipping to me - didnt state in their auction and no time to get back to me! the only thing is that you don't know the shipping cost, so that may turn out un-comfy. i haven't found a single UK buyer yet to not ship within Europe - having said that I lived in UK for long time and most of my transactions took place there.
    anyhow, sending within EU is so easy, I highly doubt the seller would have an issue!
  13. haha we can make this allowence for one time lol :p :yes:
  14. you got an epi speedy? oh pix, please! model it! did you open a thread on it?

    a lil ot there, excuse me.

    keep emailing the seller asking permission to buy it now. without permission, you know how sellers feel about that. i am sure they won't have a prob with it as long as you ask! state your case in an email if you have to!

    good luck girlie!
  15. mara- what did you buy to end up with another tpf'er telling you that you are on a ban? this i have GOT to hear girlie!