Ebay Dilemma- Stuck!

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  1. So I accepted a best offer from a bidder with only a few feedback (but last one is another high-end bag.) She is from abroad. Anyway, my auction states payment must be made via PayPal within 24 hours. However, I emailed her after sending her an invoice, and she wants to pay on Sunday. Why would she bid knowing she doesn't have the funds for it? What should I do? If I try to cancel the transaction, she might not agree to cancel and I'm on the hook for the fees. But if I wait for her til Sunday, she might not pay then anyway? Advice needed!! I try to write her, but she is the worst communicator. She writes back seldom and only two words?
  2. I would just go through the system so you don't lose your fees. I don't think you can file non payment until exactly 4 days after the auction ends. I think the buyer has seven additional days to make payment. If she gets mad she probably will not agree to a mutual cancellation.
  3. YOU may require payment in 24 hours but EBAY gives bidders 7 days. I don't even think you can open a non-paying bidder case until after Sunday. Why don't you just wait and see if she pays. The bottom line is, no seller can enforce a payment deadline that is shorter than Ebay's allowed time.
  4. Ebay gives buyers 4 days now. That means you give buyers 4 days now too before you can file a NPB.
    I don't know where you are or where your buyer is but I am sure that the time difference is probably more than LA/NY so of course there would be the chance of communication lag. English may not be her first language so two words may be good.
    And if you are in a hurry to receive your funds list BIN with IPR otherwise you just have to wait.
    Oh and if you wait the 4 days to file the buyer gets something like 4 days to respond before the case can be closed.
    It really infuriates me when buyers start pulling crap after the sale. But that is the reality of Ebay now.:cursing:
  5. ^agree.. just wait another few days... your buyer may indeed pay you when she says she will
  6. My thoughts exactly. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  7. I would wait.... you really have no choice.