Ebay dilemma!!! need some advice on mark on bag

  1. I won a bag on gorgeous purse on ebay in perfect condition for a great price. Unfortunately the seller left it on newspaper by mistake and now there's a black newspaper ink smudge on the back. She thinks this will come out but will it? Should I offer less than I won the bag for since it was perfect when I bid on it? I'm confused as to what to do here :crybaby: She says she has others interested if I don't want it but wanted to make sure I knew about the new mark and still wanted to go forward. I so wanted this bag but am not sure I can get the black marks out. Any thoughts???? :wtf:

  2. How sad! I don't think I would want the bag anymore but I've had really bad luck with light colored leather bags in the past. Perhaps there are others here who have experienced newspaper ink on leather. Maybe it's easily removable?
  3. bump - anyone else please? I think I am going to pass on it as I'm not sure I can get the mark out :sad:
  4. Could live with it if you couldn't remove it? If not, don't buy it, even at a reduced price. If yes, you can try and maybe you'll get lucky.
  5. I think she is trying it on. I would try and get it at a reduction but only if:

    1. You can cope with the fact the mark may never come out
    2. She may refuse to sell it at a lower price and you could miss out on it!

    Its a personal thing but I would probably pass on it - it you agree with the above though try and get a reduction!
  6. I decided to pass on it as I'm just not sure it'll come out. And I'm kinda anal about this stuff. Thanks for your help everyone!