Ebay Dilema! HELP!!

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  1. UPDATE: The seller sent me an email yesterday saying she sent it out on Tuesday...so it should be here today or tomorrow!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!!!!!:tispy:
  2. What I do is estimate what it will cost to ship and transfer the rest out of my Paypal account and into my checking account. I am really paranoid about being scammed by a buyer who knows how to work the system.
  3. That sucks! I can't imagine trying to scam someone out of there money! I could never sleep at night knowing i did that! Those people suck!!!
  4. Once I do have the funds in my PayPal I sure don't leave it in there long!! I either spend it, withdraw it, or transfer it all that of course after shipping and e-bay fees are paid. I always try to be reasonable too. I got screwed with a chargeback once and I don't want it to happen again. E-bay is easier than having a garage sale but also has become somewhat risque and horrible due to the bad people out there. It is always the bad people out there that ruin us good people's good times! :cursing:
  5. I am really reluctant to use ebay and Paypal now as a seller. It has gotten pretty risky.

    Since it seems that ebay is moving away from auctions and more towards hosting e-stores, I am hoping that a new auction site pops up that has more fair protection for individual sellers.
  6. ^^ It's just not right- you know- to those of us who are fair and honest! I won my Wiltshire through E-bay and the trans. has gone smooth as glass. The bag is in transit- I've checked it through USPS. I spent about the same that I would've through Nordie's but Nordie's is still sold out of the Logo print and that was/is the one I wanted BAD! So I got it through e-bay and have sold 3 bags in one big lot to justify it and also bring in some extra $ which I am going to turn around and spend on my son for school. The dilema is though waiting for the $ to clear. I can't and won't ship until I get that $ and also it puts a delay on using the $ for my initial purpose. I haven't heard from my buyer since I sent her a message via e-bay. I feel I am doing the right thing. It's just fustrating the way they keep changing things. Saying it's so things are safer, blah blah blah, well that's fine, but they shouldn't make things a pain in the arse! And also I hadn't even sold anything on e-bay for months because the last time I did have auctions going on nothing sold and I can't just give stuff away that I spent good $ on. I usually sell bags and all of my bags are mint and nice and hell, sometimes new with the tags still! Ugh! Ok, that's my rant for the day. LOL! But jeeeezzzzeeeee it fumes me just like when people list auctions for way over retail! C'mon! E-bay is supposed to be for great deals! :rant:
  7. I never, ever ship when money is pending. When there is a hold on the funds, I send the buyer an email via the Paypal notice to let them know that I received their payment and that once their payment clears via Paypal, I will ship the item.

    Paypal notifies the buyer and seller when a payment is pending and when that payment has cleared.

    Once the payment clears, I print the shipping label via Paypal and the buyer receives an email notification that the shipping label has been printed.

    As soon as that money clears and I print the shipping label, I get it out of there!

    As a seller, I always clearly list that payment is due within three days of auction close, and my invoice states this as well. For the few times that payment wasn't made per my terms, I re-invoice them, give one more day, then message them asking if they still would like to remit payment for the item. I've been lucky not to have anyone stiff me. Usually they just forgot or were waiting to get paid or whatever.
  8. ^^Still haven't heard from my buyer. But I follow almost exactly what you do.
  9. If I were in your shoes, I would give them one week and if I don't hear from them, I would relist and report them to ebay.

    People always come up with some silly excuse like my mother's cousin's twice-removed nephew's great aunt passed away and I was too sad to pay. Or my intrawebz broke. Or whatever. LOL.

    I'm sorry, but a week is enough time in my opinion. I am usually not selling for the fun of it, it is because I am raising money for something else and the longer I have to hold for flakey people, the longer I go without what I am after.

    I am sure Nordstrom wouldn't let me "hold" something until I decide to pay when it is convenient for me.
  10. I thought once one pays by paypal, the $$ is automatically in your acct, no?
    I've always shipped my bags out the very next day from when the buyer pays...never even thought about the whole chargeback thingy..
  11. Yeah, chargebacks stink!! It can happen. I was told the best protection from that is to always obtain a tracking number upon shipping and also state in your auctions themselves that their item(s) will only ship upon payment clearance and w/ a tracking number.
    Payment still is on hold for me. Yes, it does slow me down too when I have to wait. I sell when I'm on a mission!!!!!:nuts:
  12. GIve the seller a week. I think paypal says it has to be shipped in seven days (from when payment clears).
    Did you send an e-check? I have had buyers send an echeck and then want it shipped right away. I don't get the payment till the echeck clears - and it can take up to two weeks!!!
  13. PayPal has this "new" thing that they hold payments up to 21 days (regardless of the method of paypal payment) unless 1- there is confirmation that the buyer got their package or 2- the buyer posts positive feedback for the seller. This is true! My buyer's funds were on hold in my account. I contacted her and told her this- honestly and that I cannot ship until payment is released and that I use PayPal to print/do the shipping label.... ect. I wasn't about to go into the negative with my account just to ship, you know. Anyways, I guess she thought I was bluffing or something b/c when she did post positive feedback she said that she was only posting pos. feedback b/c the seller says it will help her ship faster. Once she did list this feedback- the funds were released. So now I can ship her bags to her.
    But what really gets me is that she really didn't have to say that- did she? That sort of feels like a dent in my reputation and makes me feel like she thought I was trying to scam her! No!!!! If I sell on e-bay I'm not scamming anyone! I need the $$. Right now that $ is going to be going to my son for school. The whole trans. should have gone smoother but due to these "changes" it makes it a pain in the arse for both parties envolved. Honestly it makes me not want to sell anything! But heck, I can't reach the "proper" people with a garage sale in my area and selling at a consignment shop is possible but definitely no guarantee. (I tried to sell a bag this way and it sat in the store for 3 months- no sale. So, I took it back and they didn't even ask me for ID!! So anyone could've taken the bag really. That upsetted me, too.) Ok- enough for my rant. At least now I can send that box out!!
  14. Whoa - I had no idea about all of this holding a payment and such.

    Seems like the whole process is broken. Why would you ship something when you have not officially received payment? Why would anyone expect a seller to do that??!

    Ugh - so frustrating. And some buyers are really dumb or complete jerks.

    I've pretty much lost my faith in ebay as a forum to sell. Boo!:tdown:
  15. Ugh.. I dunno, I just have been through the worst buying experience ever on eBay, with the L.A.M.B. bag/clutch combo I won a longggggggg while back (haunting memory.. me saying regarding some questionable answers that others had gotten from the seller... "I hope this doesn't indicate a major character flaw in the seller...").

    I seriously have been so sickened by the experience that I couldn't even bear to visit the forum LOL.. know what I mean? The thought of even typing up my tale of woe just was too much, it made me soooo tired. I only want to talk about happy things! Unicorns! Ponies! Rainbows!!! Giraffes, even!!

    I still have had no reply from the seller after (as nicely as possible) asking for some recourse, so finally left the FIRST negative feedback that I have ever left in many, many years on eBay.

    I'm a little worried, beka, that you may have bought from the same person I did - or any of you other TPFers.. so, if anyone wants to know who the seller is and more about what happened, please PM me.

    This person had 100% feedback - so it's possible my experience was a fluke, and a one off bad experience - so I don't want to kibosh them too hard publically.. (yet?) BUT - there were enough questionable things about the whole transaction, including not even replying with an apology to my email, wtf?? that I think this is a seller with some sort of problem.

    By the way - I paid immediately, for whatever that is worth, I always do. The funds cleared right away from PayPal... and I was told the bag was shipped immediately, too. When it arrived, the stamp on the label (made out BY HAND to the wrong address) (I guess the concept of PRINTING a label out to make sure my address was correct was beyond this person's tech ability?) showed it wasn't shipped until a full week after payment had cleared. That was bad enough... but how the bags arrived? PRICELESS....

    caveat ebayer, I guess. Bums me out entirely because there are a pile of classic L.A.M.B. bags that I want - and I know eBay is the only place I'm likely to find any of them.