Ebay Dilema! HELP!!

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  1. I won an auction for a new LAMB on Friday (LOVE the bag!!!) :yahoo:and i paid the invoice the seller sent me immediatley after i won. I didn't hear anything from the seller on Saturday so i emailed her and asked if she got my payment. (hint hint!!) She sent an email back saying she got it and she was waiting to make sure paypal cleared it before she sent my bag. Well, today is TUESDAY and i haven't heard from her!!!! So...i'm starting to freak out :nuts:!!!!!!!!!! I'm so used to sellers who send stuff out the next day and this person seems to be takin her sweet ass time!! I'm afraid i got screwed!! I snt her an email this morning asking about it and i haven't heard back yet! What do i do???:confused1: She has a 100% positive feedback and all the comments she has gotten are great and everyone says how fast the shipping was:confused1:....Help!!! I'm spazzin out!!!! :sweatdrop:
  2. I wouldn't spaz out just yet....be patient. Even if you wait a week for the bag to be shipped, that's reasonable as far as I'm concerned.

    If she's waiting for paypal to "clear" the payment, she likely means the $$ in her bank account. This takes about 3-5 business days. I requested a transfer of funds from pp to my bank this weekend and it's not there today (not yet).

    She's probably been burned by shipping out a bag, then having the buyer do a SNAD/file a chargeback and then be out the money and the bag. Plus, with all the new unfriendly ebay seller policies, she's probably just trying to protect herself a bit more......JMO. :shrugs:
  3. ^^ Agreed with everything Yvonne said! :tup: Chances are if you paid Friday, the funds will clear for her today and she should be able to ship it out tomorrow. :yes:
  4. Thanks ladies! I get so impatient when it comes to my LAMB's!!
  5. Does your myebay show an hourglass or a dollar sign on the auction?
  6. No....why? What does that mean?
  7. The last bag I bought on ebay took 7 days for the paypal payment to clear, waiting for it was killing me so I wouldn't be worried that is hasn't been shipped to you yet.
  8. If I use my PayPal and have the $ withdrawn from my checking account it takes about 7 dyas to clear and shows a hourglass, but if I pay with my credit card thru PayPal it clears right away. If it shows a $ sign then it's cleared though.

    I just bought an Oxford off someone for $422 and there's a stain inside the lining and the white was rubbed off on the stripe in a spot and I asked her if she would consider giving me a partial refund and she never responded :sad:
  9. Using ebay to buy/sell has become so dodgy these days...

    While a majority of transactions go just fine, there are a few lately that have me reconsidering my dealings.

    Sellers "forget" to mention issues about an item or charge a stoopid amount to ship (not a couple dollars over but literally two to three times the cost), and buyers try to scam you out of money back by claiming an item has damage that you *know* never existed when it left your hands and even claim they never received the item (I heard of others who have this problem but so far I have been lucky).

    I know it is a risk we take but jeez... Ebay used to be so much fun. While I don't blame sellers for trying to cover some of their ebay and paypal fees (and the fees are getting absurd) in the cost of the item or postage, there seem to be more and more "opportunists" now - both in exploiting buyers with jacked up prices for hot items or just generally screwing you.

    As a buyer, I always check the feedback. If a week has passed, I ask when they think they might ship. If insurance is optional, I buy it. I cover my arse.

    As a seller, I haven't had an issue but it is scary to think that people will claim some sort of chargeback after I send the item and leave me stuck with no item and no money. How hard it is for people to just be normal and honest??!

    /end rant :P
  10. I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! I have seemed to have a lot of bad luck as a buyer. I bought a L.A.M.B. bag from the lesportsac line and it was fake! My last experience wasn't as bad... I LOVE my Oxford!!! I just feel I was somewhat scammed because she said it was brand new and it has some minor damage (the stain looks like egg yolk and is gross). I suess for $422 and the buyer stating *new* I expected perfect, not stains and scuffs! I even took pics. and sent them to the seller and still no response.

    I always check to see if the seller is selling a bunch of the same item, if so it usually means they got it at a discount and may not have really inspected each item well for damage... and check feedback... other than that I feel like it's just kind of a gamble and hope I WIN :smile:
  11. I think everyone has had at least one "off" experience with ebay, but i think you take that chance of getting screwed over ANYWHERE you buy something online these days. Yes most places like Nordies and Elux let you return items, but you still tend to lose out on shipping charges. When you order online you really NEVER know what you're going to get. I ordered a LAMB from Nordies once, and when i got it, it was totally beat up and disgusting. :yucky: I was PISSED!!! I marched right into my local Nordstrom and returned it! The sales guy had the nerve to try and TALK ME OUT OF IT!!:censor:!!!!!! It CLEARLY was damaged and he was telling me what a beautiful bag it is and how cool it looks! I'm like 'um ya it WAS a beautiful bag until someone beat the crap out of it!' and he was clearly not getting it, so i urged him to buy the damn bag himself!! :cursing:I HATE when stuff like that happens and sales people are angry at YOU for returning them! Just because they are worried a return will affect their numbers! Such BS!! Sometimes Nordstroms REALLY Ticks me off (can you tell!):P
  12. ^^ what bag did you buy!! :biggrin:
  13. I sold a bag to a chick and she took 18 days to pay, then started rushing me. NOT, so she sent me an email asking was it shipped. I replied does it show shipped in your "WONS". SO she replies I got my bag dont worry about it. Next thing I know she filed a claim with paypal saying there was a stain. NOT! so I fought it. Lucky me paypal agreed with me. I did some research and she has a history of slow pay and she bought a bag identical to what i sold her the same day. so i think she changed her mind and didnt need to bags. after that ebay has turned me off.
  14. THAT HAPPENED TO ME once before.......... so..... I just had an auction end after not selling anything for months and I stated clearly that payment must be completely cleared before I will ship. I got burned before with a chargeback. Plus I state that a tracking number will also be included. Bottom line- the buyer paid w/ PayPal for this auction and it is not cleared yet so I contacted her and told her that I would be shipping the bags out today, BUT her payment has not cleared and that is my source to pay for her shipping (plus gotta pay those e-bay fees). PayPal has changed some things I guess. But hey, at least I am letting her know what is going on.
  15. PayPal has changed some things. I am holding a package right now for a buyer b/c her payment has not cleared yet. I state in my auctions that payment has to be completely cleared before I will ship. I was burned once before with a "chargeback". Never got my $ and the buyer got an incredible deal from me. It really made me upset and taught me a valuable lesson- payments must be clear and always state that a tracking number will be issued and make sure to get that tracking/deliv. confirmation.
    But it's not right for her to leave you hanging like that. I contacted my buyer right away and told her that her payment needs to clear first. Now Paypal though says that that could take up to 21 days!! Hell, I can't wait that long! I need that $ b/c I was going to spend it on my son for school clothes! School starts Sept. 2............ eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk. Love e-bay but sometimes hate it too.