Ebay Did It To Me Too!

  1. Guess what? It happened to me, too. Someone from UK bought my LV bag with a BIN. This morning, I found my listing removed. Worse yet, I am still being charged for the Final Value Fee. Since the listing number no longer exists, I do not know how to get credited. Does anyone know how?

    Since the listing number no longer exists,I do not think I can file a claim for unpaid item to get my money back. Is there another way?

    I do not want to sell my bag on eBay again, because this is the second time they took down my listing. Since I am a first-time seller, I thought they took it down the first time because I did not have my Paypal account verified. After I got verified (took a few days), I relisted the bag. It got sold within a day. Now the listing has been removed, AGAIN. So frustrating! the bad part is that I do not know why. Wonder if it has do with the buyer who just got a negative feedback from not paying his last bid item.

    I am glad that I do not have to deal with shipping outside of US, but I am sad about being cheated by eBay.
  2. I am not totally sure how you can find the item number, but I would suggest contacting Live Help. There's a link on eBay's home page. I've always gotten my answers the quickest by using that tool. Good luck!
  3. This happened to me. The listing # is in your invoice - copy it and tell them which fees should be credited. Mine showed up the day after I wrote. You should get all fees associated with your listing back, so double check that. Good luck!
  4. Thanks! I'll follow your instructions.
  5. Yup, I just had the exact same thing this morning. I did live Chat with Billing and they credited me right away.
    I just don't understand the point of people doing this? Who does it benefit or are they just trying to be jerks?
  6. Make sure to make all of your BIN auctions "immediate payment due" - that's they only way someone won't screw with your auctions.
  7. I am trying to do that myself, but the option doesn't come up. Which page should that option appear on? I remember seeing it but I am relisting an item and it doesn't seem to show up...
  8. Stylefly, it should come up on the payment and shipping info page when you are listing the item. There is an option for paypal payments where you can check a small box that says "make immediate payment required" or something to that effect. Just make sure that box is checked. It will not let people pay any other way other than paypal though. I haven't had a problem with this though. If someone really wants to be able to pay via a money order, and you want to accept it, you can always make arrangements with that person if you feel comfortable with them, their feedback, etc.
  9. Update - eBay just sent me a response. They removed my listing for my protection because there is a problem with my buyer. They refunded all fees to my account. Now I am back to square #1, except that there is no (1st-time seller) discount for listing any more.
    I am not sure that I'll relist, after all this trouble.
    Thanks for your responses. You all have helped relieved my anxiety. It is also good to know I am not the only one facing the situation. eBay definitely screwed up again, for many of us.
  10. So many bogus buys on ebay at the minute, I have had 5 in last week or so. Ebay tell you they have credited fees but they dont you have to keep at them. One way to avoid these bogus buys is to use fixed price listings & demand immediate payment from buyers! UGH it doesn't get any easier!
  11. That option doesn't come up if you didn't originally have it checked and you are using the Relist option (so that you can receive an insertion fee credit if it does sell legitimately next time around). I had to forego that option and use Auctiva to list in order for the Immediate Payment option to appear, thereby forfeiting the possibility of a fee credit. How annoying!

  12. UGH! What a terrible glitch! Because of this recent rash of fraud on ebay, they really need to change a lot of their set up and policies so that innocent sellers aren't getting charged for the HOLES in THEIR system that are allowing these con artists to get personal information about ebay users! Seriously, they need to do more than they are. I know it must be a nightmare for them at the moment, but honestly, they have raised their fees SO DRAMATICALLY and they are making more profits than we can even comprehend! We shouldn't be paying for the cracks in their security system. With what they're taking in in ebay fees, this shouldn't even be an issue in my opinion. :cursing:
  13. It happened to me on Thursday with my Hermes wallet, a buyer in Belgium. I was SO pissed! They didnt credit me my fvf or listing fees so I contacted live help this morning and "Jason" credited my account right then and there. Now I have to recreate the entire auction...what a pain.