Ebay designer handbags, hardly any fakes, yeaaaaah!!!!

  1. I started selling vintage clothes and handbags on eBay over the summer, ....I love collecting handbags, Prada, Gucci, Mulberry etc, and it was very hard to wade through all the countless fakes to get to the real good stuff, and quite a few times I was really disappointed with the bags I had bought, very frustrating...........and now fast forward to 6 months later.......and the whole handbag scene at eBay has changed dramatically...

    ..before you'd get thousands of fake prada messenger bags, dodgy gucci's etc...and now they're all put practically wiped off the face off eBay.....which is soooooooooo great........what is left is a far smaller number of bags but most are authentic, save for a few I've seen..........do a search on chanel, gucci, prada etc and you'll see what I mean........

    I read this forum very avidly.............and quite a few posters are complaining about their bags not showing up on searches for 24 hours....this is all part of ebays new drive to get rid of the fakes (one of my mulberry bags took 24 hrs to show, whilst all the others came up in searces straight away, this particular bag was over £300, so I assume anything over that amount is being seriously scrutinzed) and posters listings being pulled...which I know is a pain, and horrible if it happens to you, but really this has gotten rid of most of the fakes.......which in the long run is fantastic for us all........I've got my eye on a few prada's now, being semi confident they're real (of course still use your savvy judgement).

    So go on do a search on ebay..........you'll find two things:

    1) A drastic reduction of bags on offer.

    2) A much higher % of these are the real deal

    ........it's been a long time coming!:yahoo:
  2. Ebay's trust and safety team has been working really hard on this. I went to a talk given by the company and they've been putting a lot of resources into this. Fakes only hurt ebay's bottom line because then buyers stay away. There also have been a lot of lawsuits brought by the manufacturers and complaints by legitimate ebay sellers. The manufacturers now have more direct control over pulling ebay listings too. (The downside to that is some use this to harass legitimate sellers because they don't like to see their bags discounted anywhere.) There was a corporate attorney from a high status handbag brand who said he has his law school interns working on pulling ebay listings all day--what a way to spend your internship!
  3. .....I do realise it's because ebay are being sued by Louis Vuitton et al, and that is spearheading the campaign for sure......I'm sure there is a lot of lost revenue through having less fakes initially....and I agree when you say the fakes keep the buyers away, I've actually noticed that some bags are definitely getting higher bids than they normally would, because it has increased buyer confidence........

    Yes I've read about the VERO program being abused, that sucks for sure, if it's legit everyone should have the right to sell their private property, if you buy a Christian Dior bag, then it's your property not CD'S.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree. One of the early sellers to take on VeRO still has a lot of good tips. Tabberone's Trademark page.
    (I have no association with this person--they're just well known in the ebay community.)
  5. ...thanks for the link....I've come across her before.........amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing lady, I would never have her chutzpah to go head to head with all those companies!!!
  6. I'm glad to see some authentic bags on Ebay but there are still quite a large number of fakes posing off us authentic bags with ridiculously high prices.
  7. I do agree, there are fakes still about for sure, but they have been drastically reduced.......for instance Prada searches would bring up loads and loads of fakes, messenger bags in every colour etc, and they have mostly gone.......there will always be fakes of course and folks still need to be saavy and ask questions....but I do think it's easier and more enjoyable on ebay because of this drive..........

    I know on this forum there have been oodles of complaints about this new trust and safety drive, and I know my opinion might not be the popular one, and folks with genuine bags to sell are suffering when their bags are yanked off, I guess it's a learning curve for ebay, and I think they will eventually get it right.........saying that it seems like LV, Chanel and Christian Dior are making it hard for genuine sellers which is a different thing, I'm totally against that.......your property is your property and you have a right to sell it...to the highest bidder hopefully:rolleyes:
  8. I definitely think that, despite the teething troubles, it's a step in the right direction. :yes:
  9. Actually even that it takes Ebay ages to bring up the new auction and deducting the day they need for doing so from my auction time nothing changed here. I'm selling a Chloe bag right now and from the 36 listed bags are 3 authentic and the rest are still crappy fakes.
    To me their action just looks like an alibi action without really doing something.
  10. I still seeing many fake bags on ebay and less choice to buy as they pulled out lots lots lots of auction out!
  11. its true, i agree. a much higher percentile of auth bags.
    the downside is that a lot of our authentic auctions are getting pulled unnecessarily. fees have gone up. and ebay personell is borderline irrational to deal with if you have a case of mistaken identity with your bags!

    but everall, i agree. and it is nice. less sh1 to wade through.
  12. I must say it is very refreshing not to have to wade through all the fakes! In some categories the difference is truly amazing. I've sold on ebay for ten (!?!) years and saw it steadily decline to a no man's land. I still am reporting fakes as I see them.

    They do have to get their act together so that those honest sellers who no longer have their receipts or are selling secondhand or vintage bags will not have their auctions pulled. It seems that with bags it is entirely doable with enough experts on authentication on board there and perhaps some clear guidelines/rules as to how a bag without written provenance is to be listed.

    Sure, caveat emptor, and things will slip through the cracks but I never thought I'd see this clean sweep on ebay. Next they need to overhaul their lousy Paypal but that's a subject for another thread!

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