ebay customer service horror experience stories and any resolution, post them here

  1. hey all!
    i have been trying to sell some stuff on eBay and they keep taking it down. they say it violates their rules but i see others selling the same exact thing all they day long. i check to see what others are pricing theirs at so i can be competitive but they dont even get cancelled at all for their auction.

    i tried to call their two phone nubmers i found which are

    but their operator is just rude and just transfers out the call everytime, even when i ask to talk to a supervisor. its like as if he has his finger on the transfer button. oh and its the same transfer location everytime. basically it goes to where i just need to go online and wait for the online help. this is very stupid and very tiresome. they seem to be happy to take my personal info and bill be for everything and everything but where is the customer service :confused1:. i am pissed right now and i dont even know what else can be done, other then just cancel the account never open and do business there again.

    idea :idea:: couldn't we talk to the person who created eBay and let her know what is going on?

    so for those out there post your experience, what resolution did you get and what did you do to get to where you are with the resolution (if it even got fixed).
  2. but what exactly do they keep taking your listings down for?
  3. im selling left over things from my closet with the LV name on it. I dont know why they must police even the smallest things. non of the stuff i sell are fake, i guess they just dont like it. but my point is that others are selling same stuff and they get a way with it.

    isnt it really up to us, the consumer, if we want to sell anything that is non illegal on the net? why should they care, they make money on us doing the work anyways. i would totally understand if its fake and we are trying to pass it off as fake stuff. we have to take the pics, make the for sale ad, punch in the numbers, answer all questions, pack it, and ship it out. they just made a program once that allows us to input the info. this is a great way to do business but it is making us smaller sellers pissed off cause of the non customer relations here.
  4. It might be because your rating is low. I have this happening to me too.
  5. Are they authentic LV? I know you said they're not fake, but I guess it just sounds confusing when you say "with the LV name on it." When they pull an item, they give you a reason. What was the rule they said you violated?
  6. Sometimes I think I'm the only person who can say this, but I've had FANTASTIC luck using the Live Chat function to get to a CSR. I've never had to wait more than 5 minutes and they've always helped me out. Give it a try and explain it in detail because they keep a transcript on all live chats on your user ID file. That way if something comes up, it's well documented.

    Edit note: specifically ask the CSR how to properly word your listing so it doesn't get yanked.
  7. we have nothing in the uk no live help, no telephone numbers nothing