eBay craziness

  1. Does anyone else wait and wait and wait and keep checking on an auction until it's ready to end? And then you bid... and sometimes win, and sometimes lose? I hate that I waited for so long and then lost by like 50 cents! All that waiting! I just feel like I wasted a lot of time...
  2. Yeah. I am the same way with selling, too. Always refreshing to see if I have a new bid or a question. Probably means I need to get a life!
  3. I have been a buyer/ seller on eBay for 7 years now. In the beginning when I would bid at the last minute I was frustrated if I didnt win something, but over the years if i bid in the last minute (which is when I bid) and I dont win it, I just know it wasnt meant to be and I move on. Sometimes it can be a relief to not win something I was bidding on, knowing it was an impulse buy. Try not to let it get to you. If you didnt win this time, pretty sure that something even better will come along for you!
  4. What I hate is finding something I've been looking for or coming across something I really like and then notice there's 5 days left in the auction. I guess if nothing else, it teaches you patients!
  5. Oh Donna - that is such a great philosophical approach to eBay :p Thanks for the tip...I usually get so frustrated/angry/annoyed that I lost the auction and I dwell on it afterwards. I get bummed out especially if it's something I really really wanted! But now I know that it just wasn't meant to be :yes:
  6. Don't worry. You are in good company. I haven't been a seller very long but I am checking my computer several times per day when I have something listed. I love it when I see that someone's bidded on my auctions.

  7. totally agree with u ladies ... i won a dior gaucho flap bag for 900$ and i was happy with great deal and then the seller cancelled transaction ...i almost cried with anger especially that i lost 60$ due to currency rate change ...:crybaby: and two days ago i won a dior gaucho tote ( that i wanted even more than the flap bag ) for 500$ ! :yes: i think its my reward for what i went through with the first seller ...so happy now:yahoo:
  8. I often do the same. I've thought about using Sniper software - but feel like it would take the 'fun' out of it (if you can call having palpitations fun). Like Donna, I'm more philosophical now - I set myself a max, if it doesn't make it, then somebody just wanted it more than I did.
  9. ebay makes me stressed sometimes. LOL
  10. Yes and I sometimes frustate if I really want that item & lost by $1 only
  11. This happened to me recently with Mikimoto pins.

    But when I lost a Milly coat that I thought was in the bag (put a really high bid on it, but couldn't be around at the end because I was on a plane) I got kinda nuts and called like every store on the eastern seaboard that carries Milly until I found a suitable replacement.

    Once I get out of school I won't have time for any of this anymore--probably a good thing!
  12. I mainly sell on ebay, and am continually checking the computer for new bids or questions. I think my husband thinks I'm obsessed!!;)
  13. Your not alone- I usually bid at the last minute:yes: but sometime miss out on an item because I think I'll be home in time, then my kids practices run late:sad: .
    As a seller I've been using a combination of BIN and BIN with best offer. I try to price at what I would pay for an item-sometimes this works sometimes not then I'll relist. It seem to be a right place right time kind of thing sometimes.
    I like BIN with best offer as a buyer and seller since I think it's fun to go back and forth with offers and counteroffers- :smile: Also lets you get a sense of the other person.
  14. Am I the only one that thinks that's the joy of eBay? I love the adrenaline rush I get watching the clock roll down, placing that last and final bid, experiencing the stop of time while refreshing to see if, "Congratulations you won the item!" or, "You have been outbid".....weeee heeee I love that part. I too, have the same outlook as someone else has said, if I don't snipe it at the last minute, it wasn't meant to be.
  15. I love checking the page to make sure I'm still winning. But the one thing I hate is when I'm winning until the last second and then I refresh and boom, "sorry you have been outbid."