Ebay cracks me up

  1. I am in the market for a new Dooney. The one I want is on QVC and I am planning to buy it later this week. But from time to time, I scope eBay to see if I can find a deal. So I come across this listing:


    It's the one I want (and I LOVE how the seller describes this as "hard to find")

    Anyway-I am just amused, I guess, at the people who will pay $269 for a bag that can easily be found on the QVC site for $197!!


    Just do some research people!

    Sorry--rant over, I just don't get people sometimes. :smile:

  2. People do get suckered into thinking everything on eBay is cheaper. There is a seller on eBay currently selling Lanvin pumps for close to $100 above retail when you can buy them off Barney's at their retail price
  3. Sometimes I attribute that to the fact the buyer may not be able to buy the item from the retailer directly, such as no shipping internationally. But then again, some people just don't bother to look around first.
  4. Some countries dont have boutiques one that springs to mind is denmark there are no chanel stores there , so I think sometimes people buy possibly as there is not store near by
    just a thought
  5. capitalism at its finest

    price whatever the market will bear.

    if she can buy it for that and make a $60 profit by finding a buyer, good for her

    i hear where you're coming from, but stuff like this is what ebay was built on
  6. In my case, sometimes I'll be willing to pay a little extra because there are many websites that won't take my CC because it's not issued within the USA. For example, eluxury. Even though I ask for shippping within the USA.