eBay Coupon - any catches


Jun 30, 2008
I just logged into eB, which I have not done for a while and was notified that I have a coupon available to me until the end of March. The coupons value is $105.00. I read the rules and no red flags go up. If you spend less than $105 you forfeit the remainder, but besides that there are no real restrictions. I am looking for a new Blackberry and this certainly will cover part of the costs. Anything I should know. I have never received a coupon before. Thanks


Prada Fairy Frenzy
Dec 12, 2008
I believe that various (random) sellers are emailed coupons from Ebay, as a way of gratitude for their business. I know that these coupons are sent out randomly, so feel lucky that you got one!

Hope you get your blackberry!
Dec 27, 2007
New Jersey
I used a 10% off *bay coupon around November. No catches, other than you had to pay with PayP and it had to be the PayP account that was registered to the *bay user that rcv'd the coupon (i.e., I couldn't just post the coupon code here for anyone to use). Good luck finding your blackberry & enjoy your coupon!