Ebay condoning the fakes with advertising space!

  1. eBay is headed for a fall. When you get so big you lose control eventually the walls come tumbling down. They have so much money and are so computerized that they don't know whats on their site anymore. It should not be up to the trademark owners to police eBay. Ebay needs to be held accountable for their sloppy actions but as in any court of law, when you have billions you hire a team of lawyers and you can get away with murder. OJ.......
  2. They control what we list right now but don't do the same with adver?? :push: Unfair and rid. eBay suspended or pulled fake-suspicous-auction but sell space to "faker" to promote their rubbish :yucky:
  3. interesting.....
  4. interesting.....
    lv godiva, you could not have said it better!
  5. interesting.....
    lv godiva, you could not have said it better!!
  6. Hello photoobsessive,

    sorry, I'm a bit confuse what you mean, do you mean I should not to said like that? Sorry, English isn't my frist language :smile:
  7. Did it get removed? That's disgusting of ebay btw.
  8. VenetiaWanter, yes, I think they removed it, I can't find the adver.
  9. If eBay doesn't make some drastic changes and quickly they are going to lose everything. They are violating their own rules not to mention laws about selling fakes and who knows what else???!!!! I am not a lawyer but I bet a good lawyer could come up with a dozen violations between listing fakes, pulling authentic auctions as fakes, returning money to scammers through Paypal. There must be a million more. Someone over there better pull their head out of their butt.
  10. This morning it has been removed. Still it was up long enough for people to have checked it out and bought fake purses (to buy & re-sell!).
    I just don't understand when I listed my chloe a few weeks ago it took 6 hours + to show up in the system. You would think Ebay would be equally cautious, if not more so, with who they allow to advertise on their site.
  11. Ebay is heading for a fall. Yes, they have alot of lawyers but they are now trying to make up their own laws. Doesn't work tht way.
  12. :yes::yes: :lol: they ashame theirself-eBay.
  13. it may not have been removed. the ads change often. like when you refresh, or log out, Etc. so it COULD appear again at some other time.

    disgusting, to say the least.
  14. they are ads that are placed by the server, like how TPF had them for a while.