Ebay Concierge?


Mother of Dachshunds
Mar 28, 2006
Montgomery, AL
I just got an email letting me know I've been chosen for eBay Concierge service as a buyer. Anyone else receive this? Apparently they are inviting sellers, too.

It mostly appears to be like a Gold service level where you get a dedicated phone number and Customer service. That's ironic, since a have never really called eBay about anything. That's probably why they chose me! Lol


Mother of Dachshunds
Mar 28, 2006
Montgomery, AL
Learn more about eBay Concierge

What is eBay Concierge?
It's a pilot program that offers an enhanced level of service to a selection of our top sellers and buyers. The initial phase gives us an opportunity to test a variety of service enhancements and get direct feedback from our customers.

How many sellers and buyers are included in the pilot program, and how were they selected?
We chose a small number of our top sellers and buyers in this initial phase. We included participants from multiple categories to ensure we covered a variety of perspectives and experiences. Whether or not you're in the eBay Concierge pilot program, we're here to help all our customers.

What is eBay evaluating in the initial phase?
We're looking at enhanced service options designed to help our top sellers and buyers. This includes:

  • Direct and easy access to a dedicated team of experts
  • Support from top team members empowered to take accountability for issues and concerns
  • Coaching, feedback, and regular account reviews for sellers
How long will the pilot program last?
The eBay Concierge program will run until we've gathered sufficient information on its effectiveness.

How will you determine if the pilot program is a success?
We'll regularly seek and measure feedback from sellers and buyers participating in the initial phase.

How and when will the pilot program be expanded?
If we determine that eBay Concierge is a useful service, we'll expand it to include more of our top sellers and buyers. If other parts of the program are applicable and scalable, we may also roll out other services to all sellers and buyers.

How is eBay Concierge different from eBay Valet?
The eBay Valet service is available to all US sellers to help them price, list, and sell items. eBay Concierge is a pilot program that's initially available only to select sellers and buyers while we gather more insights and understanding on its effectiveness.

What is the difference between the pilot program and Anchor Store subscription or Managed Account service?
The eBay Concierge pilot program gives us an opportunity to evaluate a variety of enhanced services with select sellers and buyers. Anchor Store subscribers, Managed Account sellers, or other seller programs will have services specifically designed to support their business requirements on eBay.


May 10, 2010
I bet it is probably based on how much you spend for buyers, and how much you sell for sellers.

It sounds like when you call, the people you talk to might actually be able to do something rather than just tell you what you want to hear.


Coach, Dooney, Uggs
Feb 25, 2007
East Coast, USA
There have been cases where Coach bags (not concierge service pricepoints) have been mistakenly authenticated. (The Coach subforum discusses several incidences.)

Authentic items were deemed as fake and fakes were deemed as authentic. (If necessary, links can be posted.)

Based on what I've witnessed, I question the expertise of their authenticators.


Aug 25, 2009
South Korea
I find it hilarious they created a new tier of service just to get the basic service they should offer in the first place. You have to be a enrolled in this service for them to willingly give you the phone number for easy access to call CS? And to get to talk to someone that may actually be able or willing to help? XD

And I'm willing to bet, the service these members will get, will be the same service anyone else will get if they manage to find their CS phone number. (meaning: Not that helpful, honest or reliable.)


Aug 26, 2010
eBay Concierge rocks! They answer the phone quickly, help you solve your issues to your satisfaction and make you feel valued as an eBay customer. They are not like your typical CSR's. They are indeed advocates. I agree with Rouge H that my experiences with them rate a 10.
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