Ebay- Completed auction ?

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  1. eBay sellers- has anyone else noticed that all your completed auctions are not showing up. Mine show up when I'm signed in to my account in the "my eBay" section. but my sister was looking at my current listings and then went to see what I had sold and only 11 of 25 items I had sold recently are showed up ? :confused1: Hope this makes sense.
  2. How long ago did they end? Sometimes if they just ended, they don't show up for a little while.
  3. ^^^ hi no they they ended days ago- and it's random- things that ended a week ago some show up, some don't -same with items that ended a day or two ago- very strange
  4. That is strange. Not sure what is going on then.
  5. ^^thanks me either:confused1:
  6. eBay is working on a lot of bugs in the system, due to some updates that they batched in the last couple of weeks. (read this online somewhere) I wouldn't worry about it. :smile: