eBay Coach purchase leather color coming off

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    I just received a bag and wallet that I purchased off of eBay. Both look to be in great shape, however there is a perfume like smell attached to the bag (curry, cleaning product or something) I tried to clean the bag with Coach leather cleaner in hope of removing the noxious odor and the black of the bag has totally transferred onto the white cloth. Does this happen with authentic coach bags, or was I just taken for a very expensive ride?
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    It depends upon the type of leather used on your bag. I've bought Coach bags where the care card stated not to use any Coach leather cleaners or moisturizing products. I'd bring it to the Coach store if one is near you & let the SA tell you. I'm assuming youe eBay purchase didn't come with a care card?
  3. Hi lulumoon - I'm sorry about your bag - that's got to be frustrating! I agree with the previous post, that some of the care cards (for certain styles/materials/fabrics) will specifically state not to use cleaner or moisturizer, because the color can transfer... So yes, this unfortunately happens with authentic bags. Would you be willing to post the ebay auction number so we can see the bag you're referring to? (Just curious...) TIA, & I hope you get your bag taken care of!!
  4. Sure the ebay auction is


    For a

    It is just so frustrating because I always ask if there are any odors.
    I asked his seller "Hi two questions
    1. Is it possible to have the bag sent Expedited? if so how much?
    2. Are there any odors at all associated with the bag?"

    Her reply
    "Hello! Thank you for your interest in my items. Yes, I can send USPS priority for the same $7.00. The bag has no odors. Again, thank you and have a wonderful weekend. Kind regards, angee b."

    Am I wrong to consider Febreeze or perfume and odor?
  5. Did u contact the seller?
  6. The bag and wallet are Authentic
  7. Morisa,

    I did not authenticate it here, shoulda woulda coulda.
    I did not contact the seller, waiting for some info from here first.
    Thanks for authenticating if for me.
  8. You should, she might be willing to have you return it or u can file a SNAD claim.
  9. It is not eligible for a SNAD because you altered the bag. Coach does not recommend using leather cleaner on burnished leather.
  10. Agree on both counts - now that you've tried to clean the bag and it's in a condition different from that in which you received it, you can no longer return it. My legacy collection classic leather bags also do say (on the care cards) not to use leather cleaner.
  11. thanks for all the info. I didn't think I could return them, and really don't want to.
  12. I would say given "you" used something on the bag to remove the smell I would so you have messed with the bag.
    I think if you werent happy with the bag due to smell you should have contacted the seller before you did anything to the bag... see what the seller has to say first.

    Because now you are asking to return a bag that you have messed with /color has come off ..

    I think the bag should have been returned before you did anything to the bag.. IMO!