Ebay Closed My Account Due To...

  1. SELLERS SUSPENDED ACCOUNT!?!? :cursing: I have never had an account, so why did they do this to me??? Ebay is so full of (expletive) after my auctions were taken down for being associated with fraudulent auctions ,I responded with a polite email about the fake bags on the site and providing receipts of all my bags up for auction and the ones they removed-I log into my account and behold, a notice stating that I'm suspended and are no longer to obtain an account with ebay and all this frackle nackle bull, I HATE EBAY AND CAN'T WAIT FOR THE DAY WHEN EBAY WILL EXIST NO LONGER!!!!!!!! I have never had an ebay or paypal account and this is what happens when I get one, so much for that. Sorry but I had to vent. :yucky: :cursing:
  2. :cursing: yes i know, paypal and ebay, hate them, i think they really needs to think what are they doing, suspended good auctions, accounts...
  3. Pink:

    You really should not give up. If it were me I would want to clear up the matter, especially since you did nothing wrong. Why don't you take a moment after your anger clears which I totally understand and write a letter to them including copies of your receipt's etc. and see what they say.:flowers:
  4. i hate ebay, they are soooo messed up lately! i'd give them a call. i'm done with ebay selling!
  5. i did that all 3 times...
  6. awww.....That really sucks. I hope you will sort it out with them. (btw...this is me, the person asking questions on your cerises speedy on eBay):balloon:
  7. Pinkarats, you won't believe this but I think your eBay account must have been hijacked. I got this email this morning from eBay user pinkarats:

    Hello fellow member, I'm having a minor problem with paypal at
    the moment and saw you were the highest bidder as of now, my
    question is, would you have a problem paying by bidpay if you
    were to win this auction?

  8. :shocked:
    :confused1: huh?
  9. It is quite possible that somebody has figured out yet another creative way to manipulate the various software of the various entities.

    Apologies for sounding like a broken record, but eBay is really best suited, in my opinion, for purchasing small items that cost no more than $25.
  10. Hi Clare, sorry about the poor picture, but I tried, as you already know my auction was pulled off and account cancelled.:cursing:

    Lori- what the hell, the only thing I received was a notice from paypal about fraudulent activity to my account, but it never got through the verification stage. I don't have a bidpay account, but I cancelled out my bank account I used to become verified and all credit cards.
  11. Call eBay customer service right away. If I'm getting fake emails from someone who is calling themselves pinkarats, then I'm thinking someone has hijacked your account. The same thing happened to me years ago and I got it straightened out fairly quickly. Good luck and keep us posted.
  12. That is horrible. I am so Sorry for you. I would be really angry as well. I too might take the stance and just forget e-bay if that happened. I am truely sorry. That is terrible. They should be going after the fraudulent sellers. not you. *hugs to you*
  13. I sure hope you get this worked out. What a mess! Ebay really needs to find a way to keep all this scamming down to keep Ebay's integrity intact.
  14. use the LiveHelp feature.....thats the best....
  15. I hate eBay. They take all your money away in fees... paypal and listing... AND ending fees. HOLY CRAP!