Ebay Christian Dior Problem

  1. I posted this in the Dior forum, but I didn't know if it belonged here instead.

    I really need some advice. Thanks.


    I'm relatively new to the purse forum, so I'm not sure where I should put this. I purchased a vintage Christian Dior bag on ebay, but I wasn't happy with the condition of the bag. There were some stains and it was basically too worn for my taste. The woman who sold it to me swore it was authentic as her mother had purchased it from a Christian Dior boutique during the 70s. Before my bag had arrived, I received an email from a girl in Australia asking if she could purchase the bag from me if I didn't want it. Since I didn't want it, I agreed to sell it to her for $300. I told her that I wasn't happy with the condition of the bag and requested that she ask all questions before purchasing. Even the made in France tag that was sewn inside. I shipped the bag off on Saturday and she received it on Wednesday, said that the bag was great and she was very pleased with it. However, she was upset that I had charged her $40 for shipping when this postage was only $35. The additional $5 was actually for the cost of the box and insurance, but I refunded her the $5 anyways. So, today I received an email from her saying that she took the bag to a vintage restoration firm and they told her it wasn't real. I'm not sure what to do now. It seems more like buyer's remorse. Her friend has two of the same exact bag, so she was very specific when asking me authentification questions.

    What should I do?

    Here is the ebay ad where I bought it: eBay: Christian Dior Vintage Handbag (item 190038611187 end time Oct-12-06 16:24:18 PDT)

    and here is where I sold it: eBay: Vintage Christian Dior Editor's Tote (item 160042867106 end time Oct-20-06 16:23:52 PDT)

    I feel like she is taking advantage of the fact that I am a new seller. I have been more than amenable during the entire transaction and I clearly stated "Payment is required immediately with buy-it-now. This bag is in vintage condition and will be sold as is. There are absolutely no returns, so please all questions before purchasing."

    Thanks for your help
  2. The person who sold it to you unfortunately has no feedback except from you, so it's hard to know if she was being truthful when she said it was bought directly from the boutique by her mother. Did you show it to anyone when you received it who is knowledgable about Dior, or were you sufficiently knowledgable? If you are relying on the seller's assurances, unfortunately, there's no way of knowing if she lied or not.