Ebay Christian Dior Problem

  1. Hi,

    I'm relatively new to the purse forum, so I'm not sure where I should put this. I purchased a vintage Christian Dior bag on ebay, but I wasn't happy with the condition of the bag. There were some stains and it was basically too worn for my taste. The woman who sold it to me swore it was authentic as her mother had purchased it from a Christian Dior boutique during the 70s. Before my bag had arrived, I received an email from a girl in Australia asking if she could purchase the bag from me if I didn't want it. Since I didn't want it, I agreed to sell it to her for $300. I told her that I wasn't happy with the condition of the bag and requested that she ask all questions before purchasing. Even the made in France tag that was sewn inside. I shipped the bag off on Saturday and she received it on Wednesday, said that the bag was great and she was very pleased with it. However, she was upset that I had charged her $40 for shipping when this postage was only $35. The additional $5 was actually for the cost of the box and insurance, but I refunded her the $5 anyways. So, today I received an email from her saying that she took the bag to a vintage restoration firm and they told her it wasn't real. I'm not sure what to do now. It seems more like buyer's remorse. Her friend has two of the same exact bag, so she was very specific when asking me authentification questions.

    What should I do?

    Here is the ebay ad where I bought it: eBay: Christian Dior Vintage Handbag (item 190038611187 end time Oct-12-06 16:24:18 PDT)

    and here is where I sold it: eBay: Vintage Christian Dior Editor's Tote (item 160042867106 end time Oct-20-06 16:23:52 PDT)

    I feel like she is taking advantage of the fact that I am a new seller. I have been more than amenable during the entire transaction and I clearly stated "Payment is required immediately with buy-it-now. This bag is in vintage condition and will be sold as is. There are absolutely no returns, so please all questions before purchasing."

    Thanks for your help
  2. Hi hawaiilei!

    Sounds like buyers remorse to me. The bag looks authentic; if it were not it would not be in this condition, but rather it would be all ripped and torn from poor quality. I would suggest that you ask her to take it to a Dior boutique, have a Dior SA look at the bag, and then print an official written record that this bag is not authentic for you to accept a refund for this bag. The record should also have a verifiable Dior Boutique phone number to call the sales associate who authenticated the bag. I know that you said that there are no refunds, but she can't possibly get this letter with all these details unless the bag is actually fake, in which case you have to give a refund.
  3. Thanks for your response MayDay. I wrote her back and told her that I clearly stated in my auction that there were no returns and that I did not feel that her word from the vintage restoration place was sufficient enough to prove that it was not authentic. If she still complains, I will do what you suggest. I do believe that it is an authentic bag, and if her friend has two of them it seems like it would be easy enough to authenticate.
  4. Here was the buyer's response:

    I did ask plently of quenstions, including whether there was anything that
    might lead you to believe that the bag was not authentic. You did not
    mention this. My fiend does have the same bag and the inner zip is lined in
    leather. I have no problem getting the bag authenticated, I have done this
    before with another vintage chanel item and recieved my money back. However becuase I bought the bag from you, I can not deal with the seller before.
    Paypal will only be concerned with the transaction between us. If you did
    not notice this, you will have to deal with the seller before. I am sorry to
    do this to you, as it is not your fault. We will deal through Paypal.

    What exactly is the process through paypal? I never guaranteed that the item was authentic. She was fully aware how the item came to me.
  5. Basically, she will probably now open a Paypal dispute (or after 15 days, since that is the time fram Ebay/Paypal give before you can open a dispute) where you both argue your case and then Paypal makes a review of the case. I'd say she'll go for the "item not as described" claim, but your best defence would be that unless she goes to a proper Dior boutique and gets it authenticated (as per what Mayday suggested), she really has no claim over authenticity. It needs to be a proper channel to authenticate it, and not some vintage boutique (you don't know anything about the boutique - what if she's the owner, or her friend is the owner, etc and they are just helping her cover it up?)

    Hope this helps, and good luck with it! :smile:
  6. Gosh, I didn't even think they had fakes in the 1970s did they?
  7. you'll both have to prove authenticty, whoever does it better will get their money back, but i'm sure, being that its from the 70s if she will be able to get an auth statement. that might be tough. you should ask the seller you bought it from if they have any proof of auth...but it does sound like buyers remorse cause something like the zipper lining changes all the time, esp with logo bags. gucci's are all different inside., try explaining to her that they change the details from time to time, and it is from the 70s