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    Argh problem! My Bag has just sold but I have looked at the winning bidders feedback and she las left lots of negs saying fake items, not as described, damaged items, eBay have had to refund her, etc. Mainly all Chanel stuff too! no way am I sending to her. How can I cancel without her leaving me negative feedback?

    Edit> there are transactions for items she hasn't left negative feedback for too. LV bags etc. I'm confused as to what to do!
  2. She can leave negative feedback, as eBay says this is the "buyer's opinion" but given that you see she has left many negatives saying things were fake and SNAD, would you rather risk your bag (no idea of the value) or take a neg? Sometimes for peace of mind, one neg is not that bad. People will look at all of your feedback.

  3. Tough call cause either way she could leave negative feedback. Maybe ship it to her and include a note thanking her and telling her if she isn't happy with it to please contact you before leaving feedback to give you a chance to work things out? Good luck!
  4. Thats what I just explained to her in a message. I said I felt uneasy with the transaction as she has left many negative feedbacks. She replied, in a cocky manner i believe (although it's hard to know for sure over messages!) saying if the bag is authentic and not damaged then i have nothing to worry about. She's left 20 negative feedbacks. That raises red flags to me, especially saying ebay had to refund her more than once. I have advised her I would prefer to cancel the transaction. I don't want to be out of pocket of $1000. Let's see what she says!

    Could the higher number of negs just be due to the high end category she buys in? Lots of fake items? Another thing that raised a red flag is she said she gets the items authenticated on mypoupette.com AFTER she has received the bag. Why not do so before she buys/listing ends rather than risk losing money? Surely it'd save alot of hassle for her?

  5. Sorry, I missed this. That could have been a good idea but i've asked her to cancel transaction now. I would have taken the bag back for a refund if there were a problem and it was in the condition it was sent out but I don't feel positive about the buyer. Maybe she would have tried for a partial refund or something.

    I once sold an unused sealed ipod. The seller left feedback saying it was perfect etc. Three weeks later they contacted me saying they wanted to return it for a refund as it wasn't new and it had photos of a middle aged woman on. (i'm 26!) I refused as I knew 100% they were lying, they'd even left positive feedback. They never filed a dispute but they sent various messages threatening to 'send people round'. I said I would show the messages to the police and I never heard from him again. Some people in this world are cuckoo!

  6. Good luck! I hope they don't give you any problems cancelling. It's always best to follow your gut. If you don't have a good feeling about something then don't go through with it.
  7. You're welcome.

    I bought online some of those neon wristbands one finds on Springbreak that have unique numbers, attach a few after I write the auction number on them, then photograph the whole thing in front of my computer screen with the auction showing as well as the numbers on the tags. But I still received a return (a LV Multicolore-the same one sent according to pattern placement) with all the tags cut-off even after I said don't do that. Good luck. :smile:
  8. I would say to absolutely trust your gut feelings. If she is worried about authenticity, one would think she would have it authenticated before buying, not after, or even both. If spending a ton of money on ebay these days, I feel it's best to do it before.
  9. Hello,

    I'm new to this forum I just wanted to know, where do you find a sellers completed items? Items that had already been sold by that seller.


  10. On any screen that has the Search function, click "advanced search". Scroll down and you'll see you can select a checkbox that says "Completed listings"...click that. Then scroll down more and select the checkbox that says "Sellers"; that lets you search for on a certain seller; enter the name of the seller and then scroll down and click "Search"; you'll get the completed items (whether they sold or not).
  11. Thanks so much:okay:
  12. And welcome to tPF!! :biggrin:
  13. hey all! This bag by Jotaro Saito sells for nearly $500 in Japan but I found one on ebay for $200. It looks legit... should i go for it? advice please!

  14. :cool:
    Personally it's not my style but if you like it go for it.