eBay Changes DSRs in Spring Seller Update

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  1. [SIZE=-1]March 11, 2014

    eBay sellers can expect some major changes to seller performance standards in this year's Spring Seller Update from eBay. eBay will replace the four individual Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) as the main way eBay evaluates seller performance with a new single measure called the "transaction defect rate." But that doesn't mean all DSRs are going away entirely: Item as Described and Shipping Time will continue to impact a seller's performance in eBay's eyes.
    The factors that make up a seller's defect rate include the following:

    • Detailed seller rating of 1, 2 or 3 for Item as Described;
    • Detailed seller rating of 1 for Shipping Time;
    • Negative or neutral feedback;
    • Return initiated for a reason that indicates the item was not as described;
    • eBay Money Back Guarantee (previously known as eBay Buyer Protection) or PayPal Purchase Protection case opened for an item not received or an item not as described;
    • Seller-cancelled transactions.
    Starting in August, sellers can have a maximum 5% of transactions with one or more transaction defects over the most recent evaluation period. Only transactions with U.S. buyers will count.
    So what does this mean for Top Rated Sellers? To maintain Top Rated Seller status, sellers will be expected to have a maximum 2% defect rate for your transactions with U.S. buyers and will no longer be held accountable to the individual 0.5% of 1s and 2s for each of the four detailed seller ratings (shipping cost, shipping and handling time, communication, and item description) or for having 98% positive feedback. The defect rate will not be applied unless you have transactions with defects with at least 5 different buyers within the evaluation period.

    Read more: http://www.ecommercebytes.com/cab/abn/y14/m03/i11/s01

    Page 2 shows changes for eBay UK.

  2. I like the "Seller-cancelled transactions" one...

    I do accept returns for any reason, and after the buyer returns the item I ask for a transaction cancellation, obviously, so I can recover my fees. Well, now I guess that it will be counted against me? So much for trying to provide good customer service.
  3. Same here. Those are the only "cases" I've had. I just opened mutual cancellations to get my fees back for a few returns. Why does this even count against a seller and why on earth is it 12 months retroactive?

    You didn't even quote the part about how in order to qualify for TRS discount and seal if you sell between Nov. 1 and the end of the year you MUST accept extended returns until Jan. 31! Are you freaking kidding me???
  4. I did see that. I can see a lot of "rentals" occurring around the Holidays. :nogood:

    I didn't post the article in it's entirety due to copyright reasons.
  5. Notice it says cases opened not lost?
  6. This BS can only help sites like bonz.
  7. "Seller cancelled transactions"
    Does that mean when buyers request to cancel due to their error and the seller kindly agrees to cancel/ relist it will be held against the seller?
  8. Yes. It also includes when a seller requests to cancel a transaction after receiving a return so that they can recoup their fees as I understand it.
  9. It's almost as though they're trying to put themselves out of business.

    (One can only hope!)
  10. I think they're doing it to shake sellers out of TRS discounts for the sake of their bottom line.

    It seems like the only way for sellers of clothing/accessories/shoes etc. around the holidays to maintain their status would to not sell at all on eBay at that time. Even if you comply with their extended return policy it will invite renters who will inevitably open cases against you (increasing your "defect rate").

    Also, I can't see how this is good for buyers, either. Now sellers will constantly be fighting these SNAD cases because the only way to prevent a "defect" mark on your record is to escalate to eBay and have them settle the case in the seller's favor.

    I wish people would actually shop on Bonz so we didn't have to depend on eBay at all. :sad:
  11. So how is one to handle it if a buyer requests a mutual cancellation after they have won and they decided they made a mistake. This has happened to me several times, and I've always agreed in order to avoid hassle. So now if I agree, I have a defect? I love the words they use, defect.........
  12. No, cancellation need to be initiated by the seller and the seller must chose the reason: "I ran out of stock" or "I sold the item to another buyer", in order for it to be considered as a "defect".
    Buyer initiated cancellations (if the buyer asks or if the buyer returns the item) do not count.
  13. Oh, so if buyer changes mind before paying and I agree, buyer can open a mutually agreed upon cancellation? Thanks, didn't know that.
  14. No, seller is the one that would still send a cancellation request, but as long as the seller does not choose the reason for the request: I sold the item to another buyer or I ran out of stock, that cancellation will not be counted as a defect.
  15. Oh, ok ,thanks for confirming. I thought seller had to initiate cancellation. :smile::smile: