ebay (chanel) fake or real??

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  1. Please post in our Chanel section of the site, there are lots of experts there who can help you.

    Here's a link:

    Authenticate This Chanel
  2. Please make sure that the 2nd chance offer is legit. Did you receive the second chance offer in your eBay messages? The auction only ended yesterday and I find it hard to believe that the seller is already looking for a second buyer!
  3. From what I see everything looks wrong, from the authenticity card, tags, box, dustbag, and you get the idea.

  4. That bag is a fake. Common fake bag serial number, see this list here

    Always check this list beofre you bid, it does get updated, you can find the updates onthe eBay discussion boards.
  5. They are looking for a second buyer because they obviously have a box full of that fake bag.

    I hate these scammers, off to report and post on knowknockoffs.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.