Ebay cancelled my SOLD listing for 'Trademark infingement'

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  1. So - I sold this Fendi bag. Buyer has yet to pay (but I am in contact with her - there are not problems there). But eBay just removed my item - even though it's already sold and obviosuly authentic.
    So - now how do I go about the transaction.
    And - isn't this going to look bad on my record? I sell lots of LV stuff -- aarrrfg.

    Here's the first listing I made for the bag. I then relisted it and fixed the pictures and sold with best offer.
    (Scroll waaaaayyyy down to see pics)
  2. Hmm, the only thing I'm thinking is that it had been reported by someone who didn't know that it was an authentic bag?
    But that's really annoying, I hope this works out for you so it doesn't look bad on your record.
  3. How can it be reported though - it's already sold. And - don't they actually LOOK at the listing - like, can I just report anything and they will take it down? I don't get it.
  4. The problem with that is that bags can still be reported even after they've ended. On the "report this LV" thing (and sometimes in the authentication forum as well), people are encouraged to still report items deemed to be fake even after they've ended.
    Anyway I have no idea, really. I hope the buyer understands that it wasn't taken down for any particular reason and that it's definitely not fake.
    I guess I'd say relist it with a BIN for the price you agreed on and the buyer can buy it now.
  5. Looked at your listing have no idea why they took it down unless it is because of the link to the TPF website, sorry this happened to you. Maybe a jealous competitor reported it as fake! Pity eBay were not as vigilant when the real fakes are reported to them!
  6. Ooh that's true...maybe it was a competitor who recognized you from here and you had gotten one of THEIR items taken down. Some of the fakes sellers are known to get revenge.
  7. I know I was just thinking perhaps it was SITOUBE! Looks like she's out of business now so payback time? It would have to be someone who was going out of their way to find it and report it.
    I've written ebay about this - hop something comes of it because this is BULLony!!!!!
    Thanks guys =)
  8. Can I SLAP someone please - I just got ebay's response:
    It doesn't effin help because it's not a fake bag - aaaargggghhhhh
    Thanks for the form letter a-holes

    Dear Airyn,

    Thank you for writing eBay in regard to the removal of your handbag

    Your listing was removed because it contained indicators that are
    commonly associated with fraudulent listings:

    170133923064 - pink FENDI Borsa Shadow Piccola hand bag purse

    Due to security concerns, I'm unable to share with you the specific
    criteria that we used to make this decision. We keep this informational
    confidential, to prevent potential misuse.

    Please understand that it's against eBay policy and illegal to sell
    counterfeit or unauthorized items. This policy protects intellectual
    property and protects buyers from purchasing counterfeit or fraudulent
  9. Please let us know how this turns out!
  10. Sounds very possible. It's a bit "convenient" that this happened right after all that drama with her.
    I hope you get this all figured out soon!
  11. It's possible that someone reported your listing right before your buyer purchased it, and eBay just got around to looking at their report. Or they reported it after it was sold, I guess you can do that. I had a similar situation, where I got this email from eBay that they had removed a listing of mine and credited back the listing fee. What was funny is that the item was already sold and the buyer had received the item almost two weeks earlier. So thanks for the free listing eBay!!! The only bad thing in your situation is that eBay does contact anyone who was bidding on your item, so your buyer was probably contacted. Have you heard from your buyer at all? Hopefully you can still complete the sale with the original buyer. Good luck with everything!

    Vicki :smile:

    It probably was Sitoube.... She's a NUTCASE!!! I wonder if there is a way for you to contact eBay and have them block her if she tries to report any of your items.
  12. I contacted the buyer and she still wants it and now I realize that they will cancel my fees - woo hoo - thanks ebay ;)
    Situobe is no longer a registered user so she could have done it under a different name (or right before she NARU'd too).

    Now though I'll probably be limited to how many brand name items I can sell at once. So frickin frustrating when I didn't do anything wrong. :sad:
    Pity party for me.
  13. You could have the bag authenticated and send it to Ebay. The bad part of being reported for selling a fake is that its a strike against your account and if you've got enemies and they keep reporting your bags, eventually Ebay will suspend you and then you're done. You need to try to get that strike removed.
  14. This was exactly the first thing I thought of, too. Best not to put your ebay id up if you're a tfp seller and also report fakes. It's why I've started a seperate account for buying and selling.. if I'm after advice here on an item and I post a link, it's only my buying ID that is made public. Disgruntled fake sellers won't have access to my selling ID to sabotage my listings.
  15. you didn't put in the title that it was genuine , believe it or not that is one of things ebay look for .
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