ebay cancelled my auction for???

  1. I had a bag listed on eBay, in the test I stated "brand new never used or carried"
    eBay pulled my auction stated those words are against their policy??? what in world? The email went on to say that I would relist as long as I take that out.

    Ok so I take it and try to relist. Now eBay says I can't relist for 7 days! OMG ebay can really be A-holes.:cursing:

    Advise on what text I should stay away from next time I list. Thanks in advance.
  2. Wow - they're getting picky! I don't see anything wrong with what you said but I guess I'd stick to New without tag or New with tag. I think never used is allowed, I know I've seen it before in descriptions...........
  3. It is because of the word new. Apparently it isn't allowed. I think it is because of people using the phrase "like new" these used bags were coming up when someone searched for new bags.
  4. ebay is getting really off the wall. I mean if you search LV, more than 60% are fakes but they are still up. Now my auction gets pulled for using the word NEW. so insane. I will make sure from now on to really think twice before placing text.
  5. Yes, it is because of keyord spamming.....I think it is stupid in a way, but it is their policy.

    If your purse made it to auction then more than likely someone reported you for spamming. Ebay doesn't have the time to go over everyones listings in search for listing violations.

    I don't understand why they would make you wait 7 days though.....you should be able to relist it right away with out a problem. Maybe ask live help on ebay.
  6. I knew they were pulling the bags that said LIKE new, but geez, if it IS new then whats the issue??
  7. I want to give bidders a complete/accurate description of an item I list. This one just happens to have never been used. It came right from the store to my closet. After 6 months of not using it, I decided to sell. After this kind of stuff happens, I always wear to never deal with ebay and here I am on ebay.
  8. Good grief. I just listed a bag and typed never used in my description too and to top it off, I got this warning about listing a bag as authentic; supplying tags or serial numbers, etc. I've been using the same description for the last several auctions I listed and never had that pop up.
  9. :supacool:It's because you had "new" and "used" both in the title...sorry...:tdown:
  10. This is why I've given up on ebay. I'm sooo tired of their rules that make no sense. They are trying to prevent fraud on their site, but it is seriously backfiring. The fake ones rule on ebay now.