eBay canceling my python bag listing

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  1. Hi everyone. I need advice. I have had 2 of my eBay listings cancelled because the bag is made of python. I realize that I can not sell to anyone in CA because of the restrictions but does my whole listing need to be cancelled? I see plenty of python bags for sale and one the exact same bag as mine! Is there a special wording or listing that I am missing? Thank.
  2. Did you phone them?

    I, too, see lots of python bags.
  3. What do the other sellers use in the title?
  4. They list them as python as well as listing the material as python in item specifics.
  5. Do you think snakeskin might be better???

    When you look at the other python listing, what is in the description???

    Can you reword your listing to be similar to those words...
  6. ^^^ this. I would definitely give them a call OP and find out why exactly they are pulling your listings. I have sold python items myself and never had an issue.
  7. UPDATE!
    So I finally called eBay and after speaking with the person who actually pulled my last listing this was explained to me:
    For items made of Python, I must clearly say in my listing that I will not ship this item to California or internationally. They assured me that if I did this, I would not be in violation of eBay rules. I have relisted my item and so far so good!